The 15 Items You Need For Smoothies To Combat Inflammation And Cancer

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If you make smoothies every day for breakfast, you can change them now. These 15 amazing smoothies are tasty and healthy. They give vitality, energy, minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients. Also brain will work better and skin will be better too.

The items for a healthy smoothie

I love breakfast smoothies but also I like them for the other meals too. They are amazing for no time schedules and have many healthy items in them. And you get veggies and fruits this way.

1. Flaxseed 

Use 1 tbsp per 4 cups smoothies. This seed aids in menopause signs and stops diabetes 2 problems. Also it is good for the colon.

2. Chia seed

Use 1 tbsp soaked chia for 4 cups smoothie. These seeds are a miracle and healthy too. They keep bones healthy, immunity stronger and has even 7 vitamins. It has antioxidants too and removes belly fat. Chia goes well with gel so add them in smoothies and before that soak them in water to avoid too jelly consistence.

3. Hemp seed

Use 1 tbsp for 4 cups. This raw seed is amazing and has many proteins and even 8 amino acids, but also magnesium for fighting anxiety and depression. Also there is omega 3 here.

4. Moringa powder

Use 2 tbsp per 4 cups. This plant is amazing too and has antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and proteins. It makes better digestion, nourishes skin and nerves and removes cancer risks and inflammations.

5. Spirulina powder

Use 2 tbsp for 4 cups. Spirulina has 65% proteins and amino acids, and fat acid gamma linolenic GLA too for fighting inflammation. It has even 10 times more beta carotene compared to carrots and loads of B 12 too.

6. Aloe Vera

Use 1 tbsp per 4 cups smoothie. Aloe is alkaline and amazing for curing. It has the enzymes like amylase and lipase for digestion and fat breaking down but also starches, sugars and more! It is adaptogen and makes adrenal health better.

7. Acai berry powder

Use 2 tbsp for 4 cups. These berries are amazing antioxidants and have 10 times more antioxidants than 100 g fresh berries. They stop issues like oxidation damage (skin issues, cancer, aging problems…), also weight loss gets better and digestion too.

8. Maca powder

Use 1 tbsp for 4 cups. This root also is Peruvian ginseng and cures anemia, fatigue, gives energy, stamina, endurance, improves fertility and memory. Also hormones get balanced.

10. Pomegranate juice

This juice is full of antioxidants. It has flavonoids and polyphenols, antioxidants for safety against cancer and heart issues. It has an item called punicalagin, for cholesterol and pressure control.

11. Water kefir and kombucha

Use ¼ cup for 4 cups smoothie. These items nourish the good bacteria in the digestive tract. They also remove sugar cravings and detox you, make better endocrine health and immunity.

12. Lucuma powder

Use amount per your wish on sweetness or 2 tbsp for 4 cups smoothie. This is the best, lucuma, taste like maple syrup and lower in sugar content. It can replace agave nectar and fights inflammation, makes better skin and hair and gives energy and focus.

13. Bee pollen

Use 2 tbsp for 4 cups. This is the best source of vitamins and has amino acids for more energy, muscle building, athlete endurance and allergy curing.

14. Turmeric and ginger

Use 2 tbsp for 4 cups or 2 inches roots. Add them now in the shake! The benefits are endless, it cures inflammation, speeds healing of wounds, stops Alzheimer’s and more. Also ginger fights inflammation and helps digestion, as it combats cancer too.