A 2 Item Colon Cleanse Mix For Flushing Fecal Waste Of The Gut

After many years of unhealthy eating, unhealthy diet habits and bad combination of foods the small intestines become impaired in their work since food piles in the walls of their lining. This happens to majority of people that do not eat fibers and have lots of red meat, alcohol, flour foods, processed foods and similar.

During the years, such excess food remains that are undigested can glue themselves to intestines. This is the reason for bad breath and odor. The small intestine role is to get all the best nutrients of food. But, if its internal lining wall is with food remains, the work is slowed down and not effective. A lot of other problems will arise if the intestine does not work well.

Chronic constipation, diabetes, slow metabolism, weight gain, kidney and liver problems, hear and vision issues, hair/skin/nail problems and more chronic issues from cancer to arthritis appear. This means the intestines are dirty and must be cleansed.

If you remove the mucus, parasites and fecal waste off the intestines you will stop many other diseases.

That is why a gastro cleanse is good before having juice cleanses, this way nutrients will be absorbed better and healing will be easier.

Daily enema

This process is working fine if you have daily enema to all the way remove and cleanse fecal waste inside. You have to make and have enema in case of constipation.

Have 1-3 tbsp flaxseed flour for 21 whole days to clean the intestines of the mucus, parasites and toxins and keep the internal flora healthy.

In this method you will see also fat burning and weight loss or fast metabolism too. It has a good effect on the lipids metabolizing and this flour also removes toxins and bad cholesterol too.

In case you notice some signs of bad gut health , try this cleanse soon.

How is the cleanse done?

Skip the breakfast and have this mix in the morning for 3 whole weeks.

  • Week 1- 1 tbso flaxseed flour and kefir 100 ml
  • Week 2- 2 tbsp of the flour and 100 ml kefir
  • Week 3- 3 tbsp of the flour and kefir, 150 ml

If you cannot find the flaxseed flour in the shops near you, buy the flaxseed and grind it well. But, buy only the organic one. If you have extra unused flour or seeds, refrigerate them to avoid making them rancid.

Flaxseed benefits

Kefir benefits

When you do this cleanse, have 2 quarts water daily. If you weigh more, have more for example 120 lbs = 54 kg and this weight requires more water of course. See how much water you need per day.

You will have amazing results if you have 8 oz water and 1 tsp honey and 1 tsp ACV, mixed and stirred every morning.

Caution note

  • Avoid the cleanse if you got cancer or serious health problems, pregnancy, nursing, or if you soon had surgery.
  • If you have less fiber than needed, this might make your bloating and gasses. Have lots of water and make the bowels active and clean this way. Deficit in water will lead to constipation.
  • The kefir is made of fermentation and is good for those lactose intolerant. If you want non-dairy variation recipe or cannot find the kefir, try gastro cleanse on this page that is just as fine. And remember – lots of water.
  • Some people might feel need to use the bathroom more often with this cleanse. So, the body removes the toxic waste and it is normal to be near a bathroom all the time.

After you finish the cleanse, the health will be much improved. Nutrition and nutrient absorbing will be better and you can repeat this cleanse 1-2 times per year.

Source: juicing-for-health.com