4 Very Simple And Easy Tricks In Making Excellent Your Concentration

gettyimages-533766329Do you lose focus easily? The following are a few ways of returning to the right path.

Have you ever been in a situation where you are pumped about your job and you are working a lot in one moment, but in the next moment you have started watching videos of cats? All of these probably sound familiar to you, am I right: One research performed by Microsoft found out that the average attention span is estimated to be eight seconds. (Damn those smartphones!). Well, here read the following 4 tricks and bring back your concentration and focus.

1. Have a break

You can spoil yourself and have two shorter breaks in between of one hour. Even though you may think that this plan is not efficient and is counterintuitive, a lot of studies pointed out that periodic diversions make it a lot easier to focus over one thing for a longer period of time. Why is like that? Your brain step by step becomes used to no matter what the stimulation is (let’s say for example, you are taking care of your taxes) well, all you need to do is to take a break and then again start and activate your goal from time to time in order to keep your focus and concentration.

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2. Turn off the cell phone

A simple phone call or sending a text message are not the only things which are taking off your focus from the things you are performing. One research made at the Florida State University found out that those people who got a lot of phone calls as well as text messages made a lot more mistakes when performing a task on the computer opposed to the people who performed their job duties without being interrupted from text messages or phone calls. You are having a deadline? Well, put the iPhone on silent and throw it away somewhere.

3. Reel in your multitasking

Having dinner, watching TV and on top of it all working and finishing quickly a report? Just, take two or only one task at time. According to a research made in 2010 and published in the Scientists, the brain is not able to focus to more than two huge activities at the same time. Why is it like that? Medial prefrontal cortex represents one part of the brain which is helpful for separating the work in order for one part of the region puts its focus on one activity and the other part pays attention to the second activity, in this way there won’t be any place for a third party to intermingle.

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4. Exercise mindfulness

When you are having breaks when you are at your home or at your job all you need to do is to take some deep, calmed breaths and just simply concentrate on the inhalations and exhalations. This Buddhist technique was proved to make better the mental performance with giving aid in setting your mind all together here at present time and not leave it to fly around and wonder through the whole day.

Source: www.health.com