5 Best Ways To Stop Coughing With No Drugs

During winter, common is to cough. This is a reflex and clears harmful items and mucus of the organs for breathing, it is called tussis and cough too.

Cold, cough, viruses and more are from asthma, allergy, smoking, lung cancer and tuberculosis. For this people take drops and syrups and drugs. But these things have colors, chemicals and preservatives.

Here are the natural cures:

1. Vicks for feet

Before you sleep, rub vicks on feet. Put socks on and war them for the night. Do this for 4 days and feel relief. Vicks has camphor, mint and menthol and eucalyptus too all good. Also rub vicks on chest. Never use it under age 4 for kids.

2. Ginger, lemon and honey

You need 5 pieces ginger, spoon honey, half lemon and cup water. Let the water and ginger boil. This must simmer and the ginger has to be infused and strained. Get lemon juice and add this with honey too. Have this 4 times daily and relieve throat. Ginger is analgesic and removes irritation and soreness. Also expectorant and removes inflammation of mucus in lungs. Honey keeps mucus membrane healthy.

3. Acv and honey

Get 2 tbsp acv and 1 honey with water. Mix them all and drink. Acv makes healthy pH balance, also add cayenne and cinnamon or pepper for more healing.

4. DIY cough syrup

You need a spoon turmeric, 8 cinnamon sticks, spoon honey, cayenne, cup water. Let the water simmer in pan with turmeric, cayenne and cinnamon. Then strain this and put it in bottle. When you need it, warm up 2 tsp of the mix with a bit honey and consume twice daily. Both remove bacteria, antioxidants and inflammation, fungi and coughs. Cayenne makes good blood flow and removes congestion. High heat removes bacteria so add honey last.

5. Herbal teas 

For thyme tea get some thyme, spoon honey and cup water. Boil the water and add thyme. Let this infuse and simmer 3 min. strain it and add 1 tsp honey and drink 4 times daily. Thyme is antispasmodic and removes microbes, relaxes trachea and broncho tubes. For licorice tea get 3 licorice roots, spoon honey and cup water. Put this in pan and add licorice. Strain and add honey last. Drink 3 times daily. This root removes inflammation and soothes membranes.

More tips
  • Be hydrated, plenty of water to remove mucus excess
  • Avoid citrus juices and sodas
  • Have warm baths and showers to treat cough and moisturize breathing pathways
  • Have menthol cough drops once in a while
  • Avoid cold foods since they dry out respiratory paths

Article and image source: naturallovepage.com