5 Of The Most Ordinary And Very Easy Exercises For Making Easier The Pain In The Neck

f72114fc-178e-496f-b49f-d23e299b9c26Sometimes people experience severe pain in the neck are and the reasons for that are always different such as, having you head to be pushed forward for a long time without moving it, then misaligned joints like for example, shoulders, the spine as well as the hips, but also another reason is if you get to sleep always in the exact same position. No matter what the reasons for feeling the neck stiff are, if you ease the tension inside the muscles it may be very good for providing some relief. The real question here is, what is the best way for solving the pain in the neck that you are feeling?

Some great news are that exist a bunch of ways which may be very helpful for people in order to make easier the pain in the neck you feel. The following exercises are supposed to be enough in helping you to eliminate the tension inside the muscles around the neck as well as the shoulders in order to make less severe the pain and stiffness.

1. Seated neck release

Here you should get down on the floor by crossing the legs but also you may be sited on a chair with the feet placed flat on the floor. Then, put the right hand so it gets behind the right knee as well as with the right side of the chair. The next step, is to put the left arm on the top of the head and then simply start leaning the head on the left. Furthermore, you can stretch the muscles of the head by carefully pressing down the head with the usage of your left hand. In case you want to have a somewhat deeper stretch, make sure your right hand or your right knee are still in order to keep stabilized the torso. You are supposed to be in this position for about 30 seconds before you let it go and you release it. Then, you are going to do the same thing but you are going to turn on the other side.

2. Static back

There some situation where people experience pain in the neck due to the fact that they have misaligned joints, so in this case it is suggested to try and correct them in order to feel better. First of all you are going to get on the floor and you are going to put the legs over a chair or also am ottoman. Also, you should be careful and have the hips as well as the knees to be bent onto 90 degrees. After that, you are going to put the arms at the floor, you can chose to have them at the level of the shoulders or also at 45 degrees by having the palms placed upwards. This practice is very good, due to the fact that it may place the head to be at the same level as the shoulders, a situation in which the muscles of the neck as well as the upper back are going to be relaxed. You are supposed to be in this position for about 5 to 10 minutes.

3. Seated clasping neck stretch

Here you are supposed to sit comfortably on a chair or on the floor as well. The next step is to put the hands together and then place them at the back of the head. You have to be assured that the hips are being grounded tightly on the chair or the floor in moments when the spine sits tall. Then, you have to press the arms altogether and place them over the hips carefully while you put the chin step by step inside the sternum. After that, you are going to use the heels of the palms in order to put the head down as possible in order for the back of the neck to have nice, deep stretch. You are going to stay like this in this position for about 30 seconds and then you are going to release it.

4. Static wall

Get down on the floor and lay down, then just move next to the first wall you have in order to put the legs up against the wall. In case you notice that the tights are very tight, step a little bit away from the wall or in moments your tailbone it may be rested flat over the floor. Put the toes back and involve the thighs. Also, you have to be careful and assure yourself that your feet are separated from the hip and that they are faced towards the wall. Stay like this in this position for approximately three minutes.

5. Behind the back neck stretch 

You may perform this type of practice in any place you want. You will begin by staying up straight with the feet being width apart as well as the arms being out by the sides. Then, you are going to put the hands at the backside and you will put the right hand to hold onto the left wrist. Carefully you are going to make the left arm to straighten up with the usage of the right hand when it gets pulled away carefully from the body. After that you should put closely your right ear to the shoulders so that your neck can be stretched enough. You should keep this position for about 30 seconds before you get to release it. Then just do the same thing with the other side.

Source: www.wellnessbin.com