5 Reasons For Oatmeal Daily

avenitapThe best way to have energy and have a full active day is with oats in the morning. They are harvested every fall and you can easily get them all year round in every store and market. For a healthy and not expensive dish – think of oats!

Oats – better defined

The oats are also named Avena sativa and is from the grain family of cereals which makes it easy for them to survive in bad soil areas where other roots cannot survive. Partially, the oats get the flavor from roasting after they are gathered and cleaned well. They are hulled too, and this does not remove the bran and germ of them so they keep the fibers and nutrients luckily.

Also, the oats go under a lot of processing for many oat items on the market like baked goods, breakfast meals and food additions. See the various types below:

Oat groats

They are oat kernels that are not flat-made and are great for meals and stuffing in food.


They are really dense and chewy as well; basically oat grains in thin slices made with a steel blade- that is why they have that name.

Old-fashioned oats

Flat shape oats due to steaming and rolling.

Instant oatmeal

Really thin-rolled oats and semi-cooked too. also sugar and salt among other things are added here before the final product is made.

Oat flour

Mostly used in baking and mixed with gluten flours for some bread types.

Benefit of oats for the health

Lower cholesterol

1 bowl of oats for breakfast is a great start. If you have heart issues or diabetes too, the oatmeal is the right food for preventing heart problems in the future. You also get fibers and beta-glucan; the fibers improve the cholesterol issues and this was stated in 1963 even. The high cholesterol is making plaque deposits in blood vessels and if this worsens, the vessel gets damaged and you are more prone to have a heart attack or blood clots in the body. So, reduce the cholesterol and you have less risk for attack or stroke.

Better immunity shield from infections

The fiber and beta-glucan make immunity stronger and fight bacteria too. the beta-glucan makes the neutrophils move more in case of infection and fight remaining infection too.

Stabile blood sugar

Those with diabetes 2 MUST eat oatmeal and it was proven that those who eat it, have better sugar levels than the rest. Eat this for breakfast and keep sugar on a healthy level.

Protection from breast cancer

Studies shown that fiber-diet stops breast cancer to grow in pre-menopause women. The fruit fibers are good too, but those from grains and oats are the best.

Oats and fish whole grains stop children’s asthma

The recent study on this matter, from the American Lung Association stated that more whole grains and fish reduce 50% risk of children’s asthma.

Source: www.fitnessbin.com