6 Tips To Eliminate The Skin Tags Via A Natural Way

5The anti-inflammatory and antiviral characteristics pineapple juice is consisted of are very helpful in getting rid of, plus it prevents them to spread on the other places of the body.

Skin tags represent little protrusions that are created on the neck, forearms, eyelids and various different places all over the body.

They represent the result of a gathering of collagen inside the fatty layers of the skin, however it is possible for them to be created as well due to the process of chaffing.

It doesn’t matter whether they represent a risk and danger to the health of people they are still very irritating for people due to the fact that they are swollen and very easily you may get hurt.

A lot of people has the wish of getting rid of them mostly the reason for that is that they see them as an extremely disgusting things, plus they considered them as if they are detracting from their looks.

However, there are some good news which show that people are not obliged to undergo some expensive and very harmful process in order to get rid of them.

By taking advantage of the characteristics in all natural ingredients, people will have the chance of creating a bunch of medicines 9in their house, in that way they will be able to eliminate the extra tissue without damaging the skin which is around.

Well, let’s see this!

1. Apple cider vinegar

img-acvjug1The acetic acid in apple cider vinegar is considered to be one of the greatest ingredients for getting rid of skin tags and warts.

This process need a couple of weeks to remove the whole skin tag.

The following are the ingredients you will need:
  • Medical tape
  • 1 cotton ball
  • 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
  • 1 toothpick
This is how you will prepare it:
  • Clean the skin with water, then surround the skin tag using lukewarm water and mild soap.
  • Dry the skin carefully and then with tender moves take it off using a toothpick.
  • Next, soak the cotton ball with a little amount of apple cider vinegar and then put it over the parts of the body which are affected.
  • In the next morning clean it and put all over once more before you go to bed.
  • Do not stop with this treatment until you see that the skin tag has been removed.
2. Castor oil and brewer’s yeast

Brewer’s yeast and castor oil, this represent a powerful mixture which creates a paste that has a lot of positive effects, plus it may be good in the combat against these growths on the skin which are awful.

  • ½ teaspoon powdered yeast
  • Medical tape
  • 1 tablespoon castor oil
This is how you are going to prepare the product.
  • Make a combination of the castor oil with the brewer’s yeast, you will do this in order of formin a sticky paste.
  • Place it all over the growth, then put over that a medical tape.
  • Leave it to perform its work during the night and then clean it off with water when you wake up.
  • Use this for 2-4 weeks in order of getting great results.
3. Pineapple juice

ananas-2Bromelain is an enzyme discovered inside in the pineapple juice, its usage is amazing when it comes to fight against these disgusting growths.

It performs an anti-inflammatory and antiviral action which actually causes the skin tags to shrink, plus it forbids them from appearing on other places of the body.

These are the ingredients you will need
  • 3 drops lemon juice
  • 1 cotton ball
  • 1 chunk pineapple
And these are the directions you will need:
  • Mince the pineapple chunk and then put 3 drops of lemon juice.
  • Put the cotton ball inside of the fluid and then place it all over the affected parts.
  • Use this treatment three times during the day.
4. Tea tree essential oil

This essential oil is considered to be one of the greatest medicines for eliminating skin tags and little warts.

It has antibiotic and antiviral characteristics which destroy pathogens that have the ability of making people feeling ill.

This is what you will need:
  • 1 cotton ball
  • 3 drops tea tree essential oil
  • Water
In the following way you will prepare it:
  • Put the cotton ball inside the water and then just clean the place around the growth.
  • Then add 2 or 3 drops of tea tree oil to the affected place.
  • You don’t have to wash it off, just use this twice during the day and stop when you notice that the tag disappeared.
5. Oregano oil

1377_0_600Oregano oil is very good in the combat against various types of viruses, infections and inflammation which are actually very bad for the skin, because they may damage the skin in a bad way.

The compounds it is consisted of fibromas which eliminates and stops them from appearing on different places of the body.

These are the necessary ingredients:
  • ½ teaspoon oregano oil
  • 1 cotton ball
This is the process of making it:
  • Place the cotton ball inside the oregano oil and then, just clean the affected parts with it.
  • Use this twice during the day..
6. Salt and onion juice

Onions are consisted of sulfur elements which are consisted of antibacterial characteristics which are very useful in the treatments against this issue.

The following are the ingredients you need:
  • 1 onion
  • 1 tablespoon sea salt
  • 1 bandage
These are the steps of preparing this medicine:
  • Slice the onion nicely and then make a combination with the sea salt.
  • The next day, take off the onion juice and then cover with it the skin tags.
  • Place it all over the affected parts, put over it a bandage and leave it to perform its work during the night.
  • Use this treatment for approximately 10-12 one after the other nights.

Use one of these medicines which we discussed about in this article if you want to get rid of these small deformities on the skin once and for all.

Remember that it is possible that it will take up some time for the effects to become noticeable and also they will be different for every person.

Source: steptohealth.com