Have ACV Before Bed And Improve Your Life!

The ACV has many uses, from salads, pickles to pies and more. But, you can also drink this.

It sounds surprising but you can drink some of this before sleeping and improve the health and life overall.

These are the purposes of ACV:

1. Sore throat curing

This vinegar creates acidic areas and there where the bacteria lives the sore throat is common. But this ACV kills bacteria. Take it hour before sleeping, have 1 tsp after half an hour and another right before bed.

2. Weight loss

Many studies point to the obesity as an outcome of sleep deficit. The more obese you are the less you sleep. ACV stops fat deposits in excess and reduces unhealthy cravings due to the pectin it has, the item for satiety in the brain. Mix 1 tsp of this in cup of water and have this instead sweets with sugar and fat.

3. Less stuffy nose

ACV has vitamins A, B1, B2, and E too and also magnesium and potassium, all reliving mucus and stuffiness in nose. For a fast relief, mix 1 tsp ACV and glass of water before bed.

4. No hiccups

Nerves are more stimulated in the throat and this makes bitterness regarding the hiccups stopping. This way you can stimulate nerves to end the hiccups.

5. Bad breath

Bad mouth smell is due to mouth bacteria. ACV kills that bacteria. Thus the breath is fresher with just 1 tsp.

6. Acid reflux treatment

You can restore the belly acids this way. Just mix 1 tsp ACV and water and drink it.

7. For digestion

Insomnia is linked to indigestion. For this, ACV can reduce bloating and nausea s mix 1 tsp with warm water and drink it.

8. For belly pains

Belly pains will be gone with ACV. No more gases and cramps, just mix 1 tsp ACV with warm water.

9. Lower glucose

High blood sugar is the insomnia first cause. ACV can increase sensitivity to insulin and reduce the sugar in blood. Have 2 tsps before bed. Also talk with a doctor before this usage.

10. Less night leg cramps

Lack of potassium will cause sharp pains in the legs and ACV offers you potassium for the cramps reducing. Just mix 2 tbsp ACV in warm water before bed.

Source: www.healthandlovepage.com