The Adrenal Fatigue 9 Signs That Cause Anxiety, Joint Pains And Sleep Issues

The adrenal fatigue is the term used for adrenal glands work and their failure to handle the stress and this happens when you burn out and feel dull and not good.

This diagnosis cannot be heard from the doctor, but these signals from below must be alarming to you and you have to recognize them.

If you beat the 4 phases of this fatigue, you might get in the adrenal insufficiency and this is diagnosed by doctors. See how the body reacts all the time, remove stress and take care.

Many have taxed adrenals and If stress is still here then cortisol rises more and the body gets weaker, adrenals can only take so much.

The 9 signs

Do you have the adrenal fatigue? What can be done here? Here are the signs:

1. Life overwhelming

We all take care of ourselves when it is late. Often it is easier to say yes and not no, but think twice. To get every goal and achieve it is fine. But, sometimes you have to think and take care of your being. The success key is also self-care, feeling good and so on. Stress can be seen on people and is not nice! Care for yourself daily and find time for YOU. Get a step back and the adrenals will be fine.

2. No sleeping

We all ideally must get 8-10 hours every night to reset and recharge well. But, sadly you wake up tired every morning. Also we all shorten the sleeping hours and do something else instead of sleeping, this impairs our balance and makes insomnia more severe than it is. It is time to be healthier now. Try to go to bed at 10:30 even if you feel much awake. Being in a dark room makes the body produce melatonin, sleep hormone and the mind will adjust to this with time. Do some meditation like HeadSpace app, or have a warm bath with AlkaBath.

3. Fatigue after workout

Workouts are here to make you feel energized and must not make you more tired than you are. The physical stress is big stressor for the adrenals and too much workouts also are bad for you and make more stress. If you workout all the time and have no benefits yet, like having belly fat, is strange. Do mild things like yoga, stretching and similar. If you need to lose weight just know that 80% of the results are from healthy diets and not so much workouts.

4. Wacky hormones

The stage 2 of this fatigue is thyroid affected by some factors like hypothyroid with fatigue, weight gaining, dryness of hair and skin and bad blood flow. If the adrenals fail to keep up with the stress, the hormone materials will be redirected for cortisol and this makes imbalance in hormones. Long term stress will damage the cycles like PMS and such. Signs like hormonal imbalance are really bad for us. Now a good diet, good sleep, herbs, more water and less caffeine might help.

5. Anxiety or depression

If you have too much stress, anxiety kicks in. might be deadline, pressure business and more and this makes adrenaline rush. Adrenals get into cognition now, mood and mental clarity too. The depression and anxiety are linked to stress and when we are less tolerant than usual, we get more frustrated. And this means again, more time for YOU. You try enough, you do enough you need rest sometimes. Health is more important than anything and any item you possess.

6. Salt cravings

You are someone else when under stress. This fatigue impairs hormones and also makes more salt cravings. This is since the body seeks sodium and minerals, and when there is production of aldosterone (salt retaining hormone) this might get decreased and then will lead to hypotension and salt cravings, light headedness and dizziness. Also make sure you get minerals every day through Himalayan pink salt, seaweeds like kelp, dulse, nori or mineral drops for water.

7. Stiffness and soreness

The body reacts to stress by being stiff or sore and this is scary. You feel stress first in the neck, then jaw or back and the way to resolve this is by better sleep habits, yoga and such. Warm baths like with AlkaBaths is amazing here and reduces inflammation too, the magnesium here soothes muscles and the crystals detox the body.

8. You need caffeine for the whole day

Hey coffee fans! Caffeine is not good for everyone. You need to remember that coffee energy is borrowed energy. Caffeine aids the brain short term and keeps you in stress mode fully and you produce more cortisol and epinephrine. The big worry here is whether you are dependent on coffee or not. Adrenal fatigue mornings can be tough and you might seek caffeine ASAP, but know that that energy will wear off fast. Try better some herb teas and substitutes like holy basil, mint or dandelion root.

9. Bad digestion

When you are stressed the body does not get the best nutrients and digestion is bad too. The body reacts to stress and you get less due to this. Metabolism and digestion are linked to this fatigue and this makes more risks of bloated feeling, weight gain, constipation, diarrhea and indigestion. You may eat healthy, but if you are stressed it is all worthless. You might improve digestion somehow with a healthy diet too; try to have lemon water more often, savor the meals, have more water, have minerals and take probiotics every day.