Advise On Strengthening The Immunity Of Infants

The babies easily get colds and coughs since they have gentle and fragile weak immunity. You want to prevent this all the time even the sniffles, but this is a stage in building their immunity. This is not bad news, you can do a little push for making the health of the baby much better.

1. Boosted diet

One way to boost this is by paying more attention to their food. Breastfeeding for half a year is crucial for immunity. Part from the milk, they need fortified cereals with fruit puree and veggies for the minerals and vitamins.

2. Sleeping on sheepskin

Studies said that babies sleeping on animal furs like sheep have better immunity and this boosts it just like having a pet at home. The fur microbes aid the baby’s immunity and lungs to be stronger and fight colds and coughs.

3. Yoghurt

Give the baby plain yoghurt. It has good bacteria and makes gut healthier and immunity too. add some fruits if you like for mineral/vitamins.

4. Sunshine

The sun has vitamin D and this is VITAL for the infant to absorb better calcium and boost the immunity. This is like shield for illnesses and colds. If the weather is not good, at least give supplements for the vitamin D daily.

5. EFAs for the health

The EFAs essential fat acids make immunity stronger and heart better too. toddlers and babies both need them for fighting cold, flu, fevers and coughs. Fish: salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines are good EFAs, but they have to be cooked especially fit for babies and with not a single bone!

As a parent, your job is to give only the best to your child to make it grow healthy and strong. Boost their immunity while it is a perfect time to do so.