Amazing Miracle Carrot Juice

This is by Susan Logan from Canada

carrot-juice2This is a shared story of my family, and this happened just recently because of the carrot juice.

My second cousin is 82 and has 13% of the heart working good after a heart attack that happened some years ago.

He had many heart troubles and had all sorts of pills that only made things worse.

His kidneys almost stopped working. He had nothing much to do after that, except be in a hospital. Everyone expected the worst during his palliative care.

Every person that saw him thought he would die! He had problems with urinating and the urine was brown. He had no energy, he was pale and had pains.

After few days of this care, his grandson got him extract carrot juice. After drinking this juice, he urinated normally and started to eat bit by bit.

The urine cleared up and he was better, had energy and color in the cheeks. The pressure even got better from the last few years. So, this was all due to carrot juice daily, 3 times in a day and only in 1 week!

The doctors were all in shock when they saw him much better. But more good news followed. He was released and looked amazing at this point.

So at his age and only 13% well heart, this was a miracle and thanks to the carrots!