Amazing Onions: In What Way They Help Us For Hair Growth?

cibuleA lot of people are prone to losing hair a lot. Every day, people lose numerous hair strands per day. The reason for that is due to the circle of life of the hair. The hair is bound to 3 stages. First is the stage of growing, next is the stage of resting and at the end comes the stage of shedding. The 3 stages appear at a various periods of the lifetime of the hair. This is the reason why people lose hair, however losing hair it may be a symptom of alopecia or a hair loss disorder.

The condition of alopecia requires specific treatments and remedies. If a person loses a bunch of hair, but it doesn’t have serious hair loss then most probably the real problem is the hair care. However, people if you don’t have such a big problem as you think, well this medicine made at home will do the trick for you.


Onions are the best and most natural solution for forbidding hair loss. They are helpful because they increase and accelerate the growth of the hair.

We know that onions are not the products with the best smell, however for a thin flowing hair a couple of days having onion hair is perfectly good, correct? The strips and the receding hair which are noticeable are possible of being obstructed with the usage of onions.

People will spend a lot of their time and money also if they decide to visit specialized hair spas or derma clinics in order to receive a treatment for growth of their hair. So, wait with the decision of visiting those places and first try this medicine which is completely natural and liberated from chemicals.

Onions are products full with sulfur. The juice that comes from the onions it is possible to help the circulation of the blood and help with making stronger the hair growth. Plus, the scalp will be free of bacteria and inflammation. The juice is also able to keep safe the protein hair and make it even stronger which will cause prevention of the hair to become snapped.

How to use it:

Raw Onion Juice: Take the blender or food processor and blend the onions. Take out the juice from the onions and then massage the scalp. Leave it like that for approximately 30 minutes or even more. Then, wash it off with shampoo and also don’t forget to use some conditioner in order to reduce the smell. You will use this for one week or more, 3 times during the week.

A Mixture of Honey and Onions: Here you will use some raw juice of onions with honey. Again, by using this mixture you will massage the scalp. The honey is very helpful because it increases the growth of the hair, plus it forbids hair follicle blockage. This treatment should be used every day.

A Mixture of Rum and Onions: The rum is good because it destroys the smell produced of the onions. Take an onion and slice it, then during the night put it inside a glass of rum. It has to stay on a room temperature area. Then, when you decide to take a bath first strain the mixture and afterwards use liquid like a hair rinse and massage the scalp.

All in all this is it, however have some patience with this medicine because it is different from the artificial products and the results need some time to appear.