Are You Anxious And Bloated? These 5 Oils Can Help The Hormones

The hormones have a main role in the life of everybody. Dr. Lam said they are the vital chemicals that control our health and body.

But, sadly, imbalance in hormones is common these days for all of us. That can be due to stress, bad diet, pesticides, pollutants and so on.

The bad side of hormonal imbalance

Such imbalances make adrenal fatigue and estrogen dominance thus thyroid work is impaired too.

1. Adrenal fatigue

Stress is the main cause here and is mostly common in majority of people. dr. Wilson said that this fatigue is due to long stress periods and such situations like respiratory infections. With time, this fatigue will lead to Addison’s disease. The common signs of such fatigue are low pressure, low blood sugar, pain in joints and depression too.

2. Estrogen dominance

As to an article by the ZRT labs, this dominance is excess of estrogen when the progesterone level is not adequate. This excess means tender breasts, PMS, low libido, retention of water, mood swings and depression. If you notice such things, see a doctor and use the oils we list below.

3. Thyroid issues

The thyroid gland makes hormones and they seep in the blood and every tissue we have. When this gland dos not work as it should, it harms other organs. Many thyroid problems exist and are mainly generalized as hypothyroid or hyperthyroid. Hyperthyroid comes with anxiety, insomnia, weight loss, heat, sweating and more appetite. Hypothyroid comes with coldness sensitivity, slow heartbeat, weak muscles and fatigue.

The 6 essential oils for reducing these signs
1. Basil

A study on both sexes stated that women who had stress signs and used basil oil reduced the stress by 39% more than with meds. Restore the balance in hormones when you rub a few drops of this on the adrenal gland points where the tragus is.

2. Lavender

This oil is great for the better sleeping. Also a study said this oil relaxes you and makes the blood flow better. So this oil is great for reducing the estrogen and adrenal fatigue too. Put a few drops on the pillow and sleep.

3. Myrtle

Studies said this oil regulates the thyroid, so rub a few drops on the thyroid spots like neck base and under the toe.

4. Licorice

This is like an antidepressant and lowers the estrogen and fatigue too, but also it regulates the thyroid work. And the metabolism even gets boosted. Put a few drops in the palms, rub the hands and inhale this. It is amazing.

5. Clary sage

This lowers the PMS signs and just add some drops in the bath water, and soak to relax.

Also keep in mind you always have to ask the doctor before you use these oils.