The Benefit Of The Healing With Tea Of Blackberry Leaf

187938474672486_965833013549691For many years, thousands even, this plant and its leaf were used for a lot of health issues and problems. Simple to complex, from a sore throat to even cancer! This is nothing new since  these leaves have many good items with antioxidants inside those compounds. We all know that antioxidants are healthy and potent molecules that banish the free radicals and the damage they bring to the body. This way, many diseases are avoided and you are out of serious danger.

In tradition, mostly  these leaves are prepared as poultice for irritation, wounds, skin rash and as prevention by making them as tea concoctions. Lately, you can get dry leaves of blackberry too and even choose from many health stores on the Web. It is best to have a few tsp of the dry leaves in hot water, same as making tea in fact, for 5 minutes. Do not exceed the 5 minutes otherwise the tea will have strong and too bitter taste.

If we mention the tannins, they are bitter compounds with brown or yellow color and are seen in this tea too. They are really healthy and act like medicines even. Regardless of existing health problem or maybe you just like the taste, this blackberry leaf tea is good for you anyway. It can be a perfect replacement for the coffee and similar drinks, except you won’t have insomnia or other caffeine related side effects. If you consume this in moderation or you are oversensitive to tannins, this tea will regulate every minor issue but only in moderation.

These are the best benefits of the blackberry leaf tea:

Treating diarrhea and abdomen pain

Since it is astringent this tea is good for belly aches and cramps. It works well for diarrhea too. Traditional experts of healing advise to take a mix of this tea and mint leaves in it too.

For muscle and joint aches and inflammation

Again, traditional experts of healing say this tea soothes muscles and joints too. It fights inflammation and when you mix this tea with willow bark or horsetail leaves, you reduce and cure rheumatism.

No premature skin aging

The blackberry leaf tea also stops the enzymes that are triggered by UV exposure. If you really pay attention to the skin, you won’t allow UV damage where collagen is supposed to be produced. If you sip this tea all the time, more collagen will be made in the skin and the skin will shine and be softer.

Less risk of cancer

It is known that free radicals damage us severely, and even cause cancer. A few studies proved that herbs with antioxidant properties like the blackberry leaf, can indeed stop the tumor growth and spreading of the sick cells. Have this tea on regular basis and chase off possibility of cancer.