These Are The Benefits Provided By The Beet Juice

Beets have a bunch of benefits so they are able of giving cure to people so, this is the main reason why they have been used for a very long time.

Ancient Tradition

During the Roman period of time people used the beetroot in order to cure fever and constipation. Hippocrates, who is considered as the father of medicine, spread the word between the people that the leaves of beet are capable of curing wounds. During the Middle Ages period of time, people began using the beetroot for curing illnesses, mostly those illnesses which have to do with the digestive system and the blood.


Betalain represents an amazingly powerful antioxidant, as well as anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal.  Plus, there are some proves which point out that it functions amazingly against cancer.

The Betalain may be found inside any parts of the plant such as, the flower petals, stems, roots, leaves and the fruits.

Nutritional Value

Beetroots are filled with folic acid and manganese.

The leaves are consisted of 127 percent of the suggested daily amount (RDA) of vitamin A, 500 percent RDA of vitamin K and 50 percent RDA of vitamin C.  There a couple of other minerals which are a part of the beets and those are copper, magnesium, iron, potassium, calcoum and many more.

A look over the benefits of the juice made of beet

Throughout the time, the juice made of beets was useful and helpful in treatments for curing exhaustion, kidney, liver, eyes, anemia, skin issues and also cancer.

Important facts about beets

  • The juice made of beet it is likely to make your stool and urine to have red color. Do not worry it is perfectly normal.
  • All you have to do and what you need is just an ounce, but after slowly you will start having two per week, in order getting the positive effects and benefits of the juice made of beets, because they are extremely powerful.
  • Drink the juice of beets raw, since the betalains are eliminated and also the oxalic acid which are part of the beets, when cooked start becoming very dangerous for people health.
  • In order for you to obtain all of the minerals and vitamins, the best thing to do is to use the complete beet starting from the roots going to the greens.

Reversal of chronic illnesses

The oxalic acid which is raw inside the juice is amazing against not organic calcium deposits inside the body, that certain experts are assured that this represents the primary reason for approximately all chronic diseases. This may be the reason for the beet juice to reduce the pain in diseases which include calcification such as heart illness, arthritis, cancer, eye issues, arteriosclerosis and a lot of others. Drinking big amounts of the juice made of beet it may turn out of being an amazing detox agent due to the fact that in moments when the calcium is dissolved, toxins and the rest of the damaging elements such as heavy metals and viruses, start appearing.

So, you should start with one ounce of the juice of beet when you strengthen the immune system with the usage of meals filled with a bunch of enzymes, super food as well as medicinal herbs. Plus, you should eat food which is anti-bacterial and anti-viral, so in that way you will be able to eliminate the toxins safely inside your body.

The enormous quantity of magnesium points out that good type or organic of calcium may be absorbed in a nice way.

Makes better the skin issues

The juice made of beet is as well excellent and very helpful in the fight against acne and various different types of skin of inflammation. Furthermore, it is very good for the elimination of blemishes, and at the same times promotes growth of the hair as well as healthier skin.

It is helpful for stopping cancer

Many researches pointed out that the juice made of beet is excellent for preventing the appearance of cancer. It is like that because it is consisted of betacyanin that stops the appearance of malignant tumors from creation and at the same time cleans the body from harmful substances.

Also, a lot of researches pointed out that beet juice was extremely good in the fight against various types of cancer such as, cancers of the liver, spleen, colon, lung, skin as well as breast cancer.

Helps in stopping birth defects

One hundred grams of beetroot is consisted of 27 percent of RDA for folic acid. Folic acid gives keeps protected the babies from birth defects.

Secures better health for the eyes

The beets are also consisted of carotenoids which supposedly are excellent for the retinas of the eyes. In order for you to obtain these type of carotenoids you should consume the juice of beet raw. If you cook the beets the only thing you will do is to destroy them.

Helps in reversing anemia

The mixture of antioxidants and iron inside the beets is amazing for reversing the process of anemia. Drink this while you consume food which is filled with vitamin B12.

Secures a much healthier liver

Betaine is named to be one of the most essential things you may discover inside the beet juice due to the fact that it may stimulate the cells of the liver as well as gives protection to the bile ducts and the liver. The fiber which is a part of the beet has been discovered of being helpful in the process of producing a lot of liver enzymes that are detoxifying like for example, catalase and glutathione.

A couple of more benefits:

Furthermore, the juice made of beet is excellent for curing gout as well as issues with the kidney and the gall bladder. Plus, it may be very helpful in making better the levels of belly acid, lowering the serum cholesterol as well as keeping normal the blood pressure.

What are the best ways of enjoying into the beet juice:


The best thing you may do is to consume the beet raw due to the fact that the cooking makes the betalain to be reduced as well as calcium stones are being created from the oxalic acid.


The juice of beet is amazing and very tasty when it is used with celery, carrots as well as cucumber.


Another great way of using and consuming the beets is when you peel, grate them and eat them in a combination with apples, grated carrots as well as raisins.


You should attempt and peel and grate the beets, moments before you put the purified water, cider vinegar, unpasteurized apple, raw agave or stevia, herbs and sea salt. At the end you will wait for approximately eight hours and then you will start consuming it.