The Best 10 Beauty Secrets For Every Woman

Most articles are about life hacks. This means you know more effective ways to deal with daily activities. And it is all so simple and in front of you.

We all have 5 work days and many things to do, so it is hard to take a break. We need a fast fix, but we also need help for this.

When we talk about beauty we have to talk about make up. Women all want to use make up for work or night out and even learn to do it like pros. This needs creativity, time and skills too. So, never rush this process unless you want to look like a clown.

With makeup you can look fat and thin and  not like yourself, you can accentuate parts that you like eyes, mouth, nose, cheekbones. All this needs step by step methods to give a great result. One bad step can damage the whole picture and you have to remove the makeup and start all over.

Such mistakes are really annoying especially when you are in a hurry, for a meeting or dinner date. Also, this needs time and a lot! And those that use make up all the time know the expenses !

Lots of women learn to speed up this process to avoid miss Piggy eyelashes or smudged lines.

These are the best 10 hacks for all ladies.

1. Smudge for the business card

For more eyes attention focus on the lashes to give volume and thickness. But this is not easy. You have to put many mascara layers and get smudged. If this is the case, you erase it and start all over. This is annoying and means waste of makeup. See this hack; get business card and put it below the eyelid. Pull lashes up and use the edge of the card. Thus mascara wand is going to be blocked from touching skin. But, careful not to poke the eye. Also do this for the bottom lashes. Pull the lid down with the card edge.

2. Toothbrush for the lips

It is not good to have flaky and dry lips in winter. Every woman experiences this and stacks up on lip balms all the time. It is even worse if you are in a rush for an event and the lipstick looks bad. This can just emphasize cracked lips and irritate the mouth more. Matte lipsticks look bad and glossy hide the cracks. Get a toothbrush and dampen it. With the finger dab coconut oil on the lips. With the brush exfoliate the lip for a few minutes. Remove the oil by rinsing. Add lip balm and then lipstick.

3. Brighter eyes and white eyeliner

Some days you just need casual make up and brighter more opened eyes. This makes you more awake and rested. Do not reach for blue shadows or black pencils or the worst- metallic. Put white eyeliner over the lid. Then put a shadow over this partially.

4. Grease and baby powder

Have you partied all night long and you have to rush for work fast in the morning? No time for showers and shampoos? There are anti grease shampoos but we have something better. Get a towel and put it on the shoulders. Put baby powder sprinkled on the hair roots and rub it gently. Repeat until there is no shine.

5. Lasting lipstick

How to make this last longer? It is erased after you sip coffee or bite in a meal. But get a lip liner that is similar to the lipstick you have. Put it on the lips and apply the lipstick. Put a tissue on the lips and use blotting paper. With a brush dab some seethrough powder on the tissue and this is it.

6. Blow dryer for eyelashes

Curl the lashes to look amazing. But they do not last long right? Get a dryer to warm up the curler for lashes. Then press the lashes a bit and apply mascara. This is effective because the iron when heated, curls well everything it touches. Use saline for the mascara restoration. This will make the effect last for hours.

7. Saline solution for mascara

If the mascara is dry, do not throw it. Get saline bottle and drip a bit in the mascara. Shake up gently the mascara. Also place the bottle in warm water to soften it up.

8. Spoon and eyeliner

To get the perfect eyeliner get a spoon. Align the handle and the lashes. The front spoon part is toward the face and then adjust the depth or how steep is going to be the eyeliner winged. Draw a line. Follow the handle and the spoon corners. Take the wing deep as you wish. Adjust the handle good and place it along the tip of the line. Cover the eyelids or 2/3 of them. This way you can make a triangle. Then draw a line along the handle and fill in this triangle.

9. Green tea bags for puffy eyes

When you wake up and look swollen under the eyes you need a fast fix of course. Drink green tea daily, but also use the bags. Do not throw them. Just rinse them and refrigerate them. Then place it under each eye.

10. Lasting perfume

Make a brand of smell by yourself. You do not want to leave body odor behind you right? Deodorant can conceal this, but there is another trick. Get 1 chapstick and roll it on the areas like wrists, neck, behind elbows and knee back side. When done, spray perfume where the chapstick was. It will last longer and smell amazing.