The Best 10 Reasons For Oil Pulling Method

This oil pulling method is an old Ayurveda method for a detox and better health. with this, you can remove bad bacteria and fungi inside the mouth, throat, gums and teeth.

Just get some coconut oil, sesame oil or either one.

The benefits

1. Bad breath

The chemicals and gasses from the bacteria make a bad smell in the mouth. Oil pulling can reduce this bad breath the same as mouthwash.

2. Gums and mouth

This method also stops gums issues and gingivitis too or bleeding gums. Gingivitis is inflamed gums and this happens when the mouth bacteria attacks the immunity. But then again, more bad bacteria inside the mouth makes cavities too. Here coconut is the perfect cure for inflammation.

3. Jaw soreness and TMJ

The oil pulling removes pain from the temporomandibular joint disorders, TMJ. So oil pulling can hurt a bit, but later it will pay off.

4. White teeth

Have you known that white teeth strips have bleach, tar, aluminum, benzene, aspartame and fluoride? All of them are toxins and with oil instead, you can have a whiter smile, healthy gums and tongue too.

5. Skin issues

Make the skin better and remove every toxin inside. Every usage of coconut oil clears acne, eczema, psoriasis and more.

6. Migraine and headaches

Even though headaches are expanding blood vessels and migraine, the main cause for this toxin retention can irritate the nervous system. Oil pulling also removes bacteria and toxins.

7. Detox

If you have a bad diet, stress and toxins all around, immunity gets damaged and toxins spread inside the body thus making inflammation. Mouth is full of bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites. Oil here can help a lot in this case.

8. Liver and kidneys

Oil pulling can reduce the liver stress and kidney toxins too.

9. Hormone balance

Deposits of toxins inside you makes this imbalance. With oil pulling you can regulate hormones as well as PMS.

10. For asthma and congestion

Asthma and bronchitis signs are relieved here. These 2 issues are due to some inflammation in the body.

How to do the oil pulling?

Sesame oil is mostly used for the anti-bacterial benefits also it kills inflammation and viruses too. But coconut is just as good.

Every morning while hungry, before any liquids too, get 1 tsp sesame oil or coconut oil and put it in the mouth to melt.

Swish it for 20 min and spit it in the garbage after this. Never swallow this, the oil will be full of bacteria in the end.

Rinse the mouth with salty water and brush the teeth with a good toothpaste.

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