The Best 10 Workouts For Removal Of Belly Fat – Without Jogging Or Running!

If you need to lose some pounds and tone but hate cardio or sweats, read on more. The resistance workouts are much better and give more stamina.

A study said such workouts alter our metabolism and even reverse alcoholic fatty liver. 53 people god divided in 2 separate groups, 1 of training squats and also pushups 3 times weekly for 12 weeks and 2-doing nothing.

After those 3 months, they got compared. The first group had more muscle, less fat, lower iron levels, fatty liver and insulin too! Metabolism was amazing.

Here are the best workouts. They can be done plain for toning, slower aging and a sexy body will emerge.

  1. Burpee– main one. Makes faster pulse and burns more than cardio.

  1. Pull up-toning the back, start slowly this is hard.
  2. Squat– basic for butt and legs, this squat might be done with more intensity, dumb bells or barbells.
  3. Push up– this is for shoulders and triceps and upper chest too. Core gets toned as well. Modify intensity.
  4. Lunge– butt and thighs get toned and strong, hamstrings as well. For knee pains, do glute bridge instead this.
  5. Spider crawl– for hip mobility and toning core.
  6. Skater-move like lateral plane, this keeps knees and ankles safe. For more calorie burn, jolt the joints and skip a bit.
  7. Plank– amazing one! Makes strong core, side abdomen and removes the back pain too. Hold this for a minute.
  8. Jump rope– skip do not run. Legs and arms get toned to so just pretend to skip rope from side to side.
  9. Get up-the triceps and core will be larger to but the belly will be larger without fat, just muscles.

All these workouts require as much as 15 min daily for healthy and slim body.

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