The Best 11 Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

It sounds amazing and it is too good to be true! Dark chocolate is healthy. For years people said chocolates are not good, especially for the waistline. They had fats, sugars and fake cocoa and they caused weight gain, acne, diabetes, hypertension, heart issues…

Now this dark chocolate is the best antioxidant source.

We have to mention that not every chocolate is healthy – the best is black/dark chocolate and not milky or white one. The more natural, the less sweet – the healthier. Here are the 11 reasons to enjoy dark chocolate:

1. Antioxidants

It ahs antioxidants, polyphenols, flavanols and catechins too. they make free radical damage neutral and stop oxidation stress. The free radicals damage cells and cause early aging, and inflammation/oxidation stress makes cancer, heart issues and diabetes.

2. Healthier heart

The dark chocolate has flavonoids and they are great for the heart. They lower the pressure, improve blood flow and make blood platelets less sticky. In addition to the flavanols, the fat in dark chocolate offers many benefits for the heart. The fat here comes from cocoa butter that has oleic acid, monounsaturated fat lowering bad cholesterol and also stearic and palmitic acids, 2 saturated fats.

3. Better memory

Experts of Harvard Medical School said that 2 cups flavanol cocoa daily makes the brain healthy and memory better to prevent memory loss, especially in those people with brain injuries and white matter damage. The evidence said that the brain ahd more capacity for memory that uses 20% energy of the body and this means 2% of the weight. Better blood flow means better cognition.

4. Less heart issues risks

A research of the British Medical Journal reported that eating this chocolate can reduce risks by 1/3. This was reported at the European Society of Cardiology Congress, Paris, with more data backing up the heart safety. The experts said that dark chocolate lowers the risk of heart issues and those that ate it had 37% less risks of heart failure and 29% less risk of strokes.

5. Prevent a stroke

Experts of the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, monitored 37.000 men between 45-79 for a decade. They said the men who ate 2.2 oz dark chocolate every week had 17% less risk of strokes and the rest had less risks. In a study in Molecular Food Research was said chocolate stops clotting after just 2 hours post eating. Women who ate this, had less platelets clotted. This is named platelet aggregation and blood vessels get blocked thus leading to stroke or heart attack. Also eating dark chocolate increases bleeding time 6 hours after ingestion. This time determines the speed of blood clots and how fast they get sticky.

6. Diabetes 2 protection

The Journal of Nutrition made a study where was said ingesting too much flavonoids like dark chocolate, keeps us safe from diabetes 2. Also women who ate such foods had less insulin levels and more levels of the protein adiponectin that controls the glucose levels.

7. Weight control

The Spain experts analyzed 1,458 teenagers between 12-17 and they were all of 9 different countries. Records said all about what they ate 24 hours previously, also the BMI was included, body fat, waist circumference and activity. More dark chocolate in the diet meant less body fat and waist fat, regardless the workouts.

8. UV rays protection

The clinical trials showed that flavonoids in this chocolate keep the skin safe from redness, sunburns and UV damages. Experts of London made a study about the flavanols and protection to the sun damage. The people who ate dark chocolate during 3 months had less chances to get a bad sunburn. When this was directly put on the skin, the chocolate repaired and moisturized the skin exposed to sun.

9. Mood booster

This chocolate has tryptophan an amino acid that works with serotonin. The serotonin is neurotransmitter that affects the mood and it stops anxiety. Another good mood booster here is theobromine. This is similar to caffeine, but weaker 10 times.

10. For cough as cure

UK experts studied the theobromine effect and this is an extract of cacao. This was monitored with 300 people with a cough, all in 13 hospitals. They were given doses of 1000 mg theobromine 2 times per day and for 2 weeks. After that, they had relieved coughs. This is similar to codeine, but with no side effects.

11. Relieving chronic fatigue syndrome

The UK experts have those with chronic fatigue daily a dose of 1 and ½ oz. 85% cocoa chocolate for 8 weeks. Toward the end, people said that had less fatigue and experts said that neurotransmitters worked better, including serotnonin for the better mood and good sleep.

Despite all such benefits, experts still advise people to eat chocolate in moderate doses. That can increase fat and cholesterol and even cause a bit weight gain. Also this makes you more satiated at least, but it can be addictive since it is a sweet food item, regardless the health in it. If you start to eat dark chocolate, at least eat a bit during the day and not all at once.