The Best 20 Foods To Cleanse The Arteries And Protect The Heart. A Healthy Diet Is Key For Long Life!

The major death cause is proven to be heart failure or problems. The clogged arteries are a great risk factor for heart attacks or stroke and impair the blood flow all over.

If you do not move a lot, are under stress or eat unhealthy is all bad but every such part has different damage impact for the heart. But, in case you make changes in these habits you will certainly lower those risks. Here are some foods and drinks to consider and keep arteries safe and healthy.


The healthiest fish you can consume. This is because it has many healthy good fats and fat acids that lower bad cholesterol, triglycerides and inflammation. Other such fish types are the herring, mackerel and tuna. And, it must be organic.

Orange juice

The pure OJ has loads of antioxidants that keep vessels healthy and lower hypertension. Have 2 glasses per day to get enough vitamin C and minerals.


Yes, coffee during the day can be healthy! Many various studies proved that 2-4 cups per day lowers heart attack risk by whole 20%. But, be careful because coffee sometimes can irritate the stomach and too much caffeine is not a good thing.


They are good because they have healthy fats and unsaturated fats. They also have omega 3 fat acids and are good for the cholesterol issues and also the joints health and memory as well. Walnuts and almonds are good too and per day one handful is enough.

Persimmon fruit

This has many sterols and fibers and reduces bad cholesterol. It is also known as divine fruit due to the sweet taste and can be added even in salads or cereal.


This one has curcuma and reduces inflammation in every tissue. Also it stops too much fat deposits storage inside the body. It can be added to many meals and teas too.

Green tea

This one calms and soothes the whole body. It has cetachin, an antioxidant that lowers bad cholesterol and boosts metabolism. Have at least 2 cups per day for best results.


This fruit is refreshing and makes the blood vessels widened and gives you more nitric oxide.

Whole grains

Another way to slow down bad cholesterol damage is by using whole grain flour. It has many fibers that go to the cholesterol and stop it from getting piled up in the arteries. Such foods can even slowly remove the existing bad cholesterol. Examples are brown rice, whole grain bread and oats.


Opinions on this food are still divided. But, in moderate servings, cheese is good for the cholesterol and pressure too.


It is full of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, carotenoids and proteins. Eating it often controls the pressure and makes vessels wider. Consume seaweed regularly for the hypertension issues and lower the cholesterol by whole 5%!


They are loaded with potassium and it is good to drink this juice all the time to promote healthy cholesterol and reduce bad cholesterol. Have 2 glasses per day and the heart attack risk will be lowered by 40%.


This is a great and tasty spice that is also healthy. Mostly is used in baked food, tea and desserts. It fights the bad cholesterol and stops plaque in the arteries to form. 1 tsp daily is enough and changes the health majorly.


It has a lot of phytochemicals that trigger nitric oxide making which on the other hand makes blood flow better. Add it to salads and see it for yourself.


This veggie is great for artery cleansing and lower hypertension. It has potassium and folic acid and these keep the heart safer from attacks while they make its muscles stronger.

Olive oil

The Italians and Greeks knew the good health secret – olive oil. To have it cold pressed is better for the healthy fats and the reducing of bad cholesterol. It was proven to reduce heart attack risk by whole 41%!


This green veggie has vitamin K among other nutrients. It stops too much calcium to make deposits in the arteries. It lowers bad cholesterol and pressure too. Eat it boiled, raw, steamed or as snack side to a main meal.


This fruit is the best in nutrients and healthy fats. It balances the cholesterol in the body and strengthens the arteries. Mostly it is added in salads, with eggs or spread on bread. You can also eat it plain separate with salt or pepper.


The recipe for strength of Hercules – it fought bad cholesterol! Inflammation is slowed down with this and veins are not clogged anymore. Add it in soup or some main meal dish. Also, add it to noodles or potatoes.