The Best 6 Alkaline Foods To Eat Daily And Be Healthier

The standard American diet is deadly and has many toxins and acidic foods like sugar, artificial sweetener, grains which are refined, meats and dairy, GMOs and more. All and pollution too, stress, drugs and more mean more people get chronic issues, degenerative problems and deadly issues too, most of which have no cure.

The basic problem with this bad lifestyle is average consumer lack of knowledge that we need balance of the pH of at least 7.365 to survive. If you ingest the food like fuel, the metabolic work and digestion transforms in ash form that is either alkaline or acidic. The modern biochemistry laws explain that it is not just foods but their items like calcium, potassium, magnesium, sulfur, sodium, phosphorus. This decides for alkalinity or acidity.

For this aim and since all foods have some acids and alkaline items, said Conscious Living Center, balance is made or changed with foods we eat. Too much acidic foods damage the health and make acidosis, often seen in diabetics. This is due to lack of nutrients for alkalinity and no nutritious foods and the body gets all needed items from bones, tissues and damages itself by the heavy metal detox impairment, thus we end up with problems and fatigue. Even acidity of pH 6.9 can make coma or death.

We need balance. Too much alkalinity also has some drawbacks, but the risk is less serious. To fight bad diets, here is a list of the best foods:

Root veggies

The healing YANG of these natural Chinese medicine foods and their mineral content makes them amazing. Get radishes, red, black or white, also carrot, beet, turnip, rutabaga and horseradish. Steam them for 20 min and feel more satiated.

Crucifer veggies

We all like them and they are amazing with some sauces too. Try pesto with broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and such.

Leafy greens

These are kale, turnip, spinach, swiss chard and such. They have vitamin K, and folate too, and minerals, vitamins, phytochemicals, fiber for better vision and digestion.


A miracle food and best of all medicinal foods. It is for health, alkalinity and more. It makes better heart health too, lowers pressure, cleans liver and fights illnesses.

Cayenne pepper

A potent, tropical enzyme pepper for endocrine health and alkalinity. They also kill bacteria and give you vitamin A to fight free radicals and stress.


They are the best for alkalinity. Natural disinfectants, heal wounds fast and hyperacidity too, also viruses are healed, coughs, flu, cold, heartburn and more. They also energize the liver and make good detox.

Next time you eat, plan the meal ahead. Just eat all things in moderation and get your veggies daily.

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