The Best 6 Ways To Reverse Headaches, Dizziness And Ear Ringing

You must have felt sometimes like everything is spinning, everyone has. This called vertigo. The signs are fast coming and going, out of a sudden and with no warning. Along this there might be ear ringing and problematic vision.

Natural vertigo cures and remedies

A lot of people think vertigo is a medical issue and a group of signs by a certain disorder or problem. It is said that more than 40% of people have or had vertigo sometimes in their life and mostly around age 4o and above.

The obvious symptoms are vertigo, spinning feeling, dizziness and also headache, nausea, ear ringing, perspiration, strange eye movements and even faint feeling. They last from a few minutes to few days, it depends.

Sometimes the light dizzy feeling is confused or overlapped with fatigue, lack of sleep at night, it might be due to several factors. The vertigo needs to be checked for the problem cause and roots.

Quite often the diet plays the big role in vertigo appearing and signs. If you eat healthy, have less stress, receive therapy for physical health, vertigo might be mild and even relieved.

These are the best methods for overcoming this issue:

1. Have a healthy diet

The first factor is the diet of course, pay attention to what you eat and drink. Never allow yourself to dehydrate, reduce inflammation by having a healthy diet and vertigo will occur less. Hypertension and inflammation are the main things that trigger this and you must be hydrated all the time. Also have green leafy veggies like lettuce, spinach, kale, celery, fruits like avocado and banana to get the most potassium and lower the pressure. Also, consider good and healthy fats like coconut oil, fatty fish…they reduce inflammation drastically. Eat anti-inflammation spices and herbs like ginger, turmeric and cinnamon too.
the best way to include good fruits and veggies is by making smoothies and juices every day. There are hundreds of recipes for juices on this site. The body needs nutrients and this is the fastest way to provide them.

2. Good supplements

If you have the vertigo, having the right supplements is crucial. Here are some advices, but prior them talk with an expert.

– vitamin B complex for healthy brain and nervous system
– vitamin B3 niacin for cerebral circulation
– vitamins E and C for fighting inflammation and better blood flow
– lecithin and choline for good nerves work and brain work
– coenzyme Q10 for antioxidant properties and better blood flow to the brain
– magnesium and calcium for good nerve impulse and no dizziness
– ginko biloba- for healthy circulation and more oxygen supplying, thus healthy brain work.

3. Hydration

Healthy diet is good but not enough. You must be hydrated all the time and have plenty of water. An average person needs 8 glasses per day, but coffee or alcohol do not count here. And, check your body weight to see the water amount needed. The lifestyle habits also influence this. You are more dehydrated from sweet and sugary drinks, also coffee or alcohol and they might impact your body like diuretics and dehydrate you even more.

4. Vestibular physical therapy

This rehab is a type of rehab that is focusing on those organs, the vestibular ones. Those organs send the signals to the brain for any kind of balance.

If the vertigo is a result of an ear infection or eye issues, this rehab helps in inner ear issue resolving. Along this, activities that link movements between eyes and hands increase vertigo severity.

5. Less stress levels

Inflammation and stress go along one another and this means less stress will result in less inflammation too. Also, when stressed you do not workout as much as before and cannot sleep either, also cravings of bad foods are increased. To deal with this try meditating and feeling calm. Have a warm bath, do workouts and use essential oils too.

6. Rest!

Insomnia and fatigue make you feel more dizzy and have vertigo often. Have at least 7-8 hours sleep per night and studies proved that an average adult person needs 7 hours minimum and youngsters need 10 hours. Elder people can have 5-6 hours and this is enough for them.
the vertigo might disappear by itself and this does not ALWAYS happen. If you have vertigo 1-2 times one after another, seek medical expert opinion. Try a healthy diet, see our advises and you will be under less risk for vertigo.
in case the results are still not good and the same, see your personal medical or expert practitioner. This might require a complete diagnosis to determine the root cause of vertigo.

With a good and adequate method, vertigo is treated. But, lifestyle changes are a must.