Here Are The Best Food Products For Keeping The Colon Clean!

One of the most important things when it comes to your health is to have clean, very healthy colon so that your digestive system can function properly. Plus, having a good gut means that your organism will have excellent immune system and your complete health will be in excellent shape. However, many people do not pay attention to having clean colon and do not care of detoxifying the colon. The many food products and their toxic ingredients will build up into your gut as well as your colon and this will cause you having issues with the function of the digestive system and will make you feel like having less energy and be more tired. Well, there are some good news after all. Exist many food products which can clean the colon and eliminate all of the toxic materials and make you feel full with energy, proper work of the digestive system and help you eliminate some weight. These are the magical 8 types of food products:

  1. Probiotics – probiotic food products are a type of products that when they are fermented they start having many beneficial bacteria. Yogurt is one of those products. Yogurt probably is the one with most probiotics as its ingredients. The reason why probiotics is the good bacteria they contain. These bacteria will help you improve the work of the digestive system. Just to let you know that because the probiotic food products are fermented they can create some sour taste for you and this will cause you to crave more food.
  2. Green tea – this is known to be as one of the best and strongest type of antioxidant. Thanks to the antioxidant characteristic the tea will clean your colon by eliminating the toxic materials and with that the bowel function will be excellent. Apart of this antioxidant there plenty of other antioxidants as part of the green tea which keep protected your organism.
  3. Apples and Apple Cider Vinegar – apple is one of the most delicious fruit of all. It has a lot of fiber and a lot of pectin. The pectin is a type of carbohydrate that is used as a thickening agent for the gut that has the ability of removing all of the gathered toxic materials and make stronger the intestinal lining. Next time when you go the pharmacy take a look at the products used for cleaning the colons and you will see that all of them are consisted of either an apple, Apple cider vinegar, apple sauce or juice made of apple.
  4. Water – drinking water is the best option for keeping clean the colon. Also, water helps in making easier the digestion of food products rich in fiber. So, if you eat these kind of food products and not drink enough water then you will start having constipation and will avoid getting the positive benefits fiber offers. The proper amount of water is eight glasses per day or more in case you eat a lot of food rich in fiber.
  5. Lemon – lemon and lemon juice are excellent for improving the work of the digestive system since they are enriched with vitamin C. The best way of drinking water is by putting one spoon of lemon juice in the glass. If you try this when you wake up then you will start off the day by detoxifying your organism and have a cleaned gut and if you have it before eating your food you will have your digestive system work perfectly good and it will work in an excellent way during your meals.
  6. Leafy greens – many of the leafy green products are consisted of fiber. As we said fiber is one of the most important type of nutrient for cleaning the colon and making better the function of the digestive system. Also, leafy greens have a lot of minerals and antioxidants that will stop the toxic materials to gathered up inside the body. You can eat them fresh and raw or in case you have some digestive problems then you should cook them. When you cook them if you want you can put some fat like olive or butter oil and some acid as vinegar and lemon. You should so this in order to help the absorption of the nutrients of the greens.
  7. Aloe Vera – it is excellent for many reasons and of course making better the work of the digestive system is one of them. The juice from Aloe Vera is excellent for detoxification of the organism and the anti-inflammatory characteristics that it has will slow down any signs and symptoms you feel due to the extra inflammation.
  8. Avocados – avocado is consisted of both soluble and insoluble types of fiber at a one-three ratio, something that does not happen very often. With the insoluble fiber you will clean the colon and make better the bowel functions. On the other hand, with the soluble fiber you will absorb the water and you will tie the rest of the digested substances which will give you a hand to move properly through the digestive system.

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