The Best Tomato Benefits To Know About

tomato-benefitsThe tomatoes are main veggie in many recipes and dishes, and their color makes us want this veggie more. Another reason is there on why tomatoes must be in every diet and reap their benefits.

If you are unsure why, read more below:

1. Prevention of cancer

Many studies showed this veggie has lycopene that stops many cancer types like colorectal, stomach and prostate cancer. The lycopene is an antioxidant and stops cancer cells to grow.

2. Better digestion

This veggie improves the digestive processes in the stomach and liver both. It stops constipation and makes the bowels work at their best for waste removal.

3. Heart friendly

The tomato can keep the heart healthy. It has loads of vitamin B and potassium which reduce our cholesterol and pressure too. so, add this veggie now and stop problems in the future.

4. Stopping kidneys to form

The tomato is a disinfectant and stops the diarrhea, stops tones to form in kidneys and gallbladder too. This veggie also reduces risk of UTIs.

5. Good for eyes

Eyes need to be taken care of as we age against all age related diseases. To prolong the eyesight health, add tomato in every meal you can to get enough vitamin A.

6. Better immunity

Daily dose of tomato is the best way to boost immunity and fight flu, colds, fevers and many other things. Its vitamin C reduces stress and lowers the health risks. Tomato juice, tomato slices in dishes, salads – it is all healthy.

You see, this vegetable consumed daily is beneficial for the health and makes you shielded from outside harmful bodies to your health. Eat it every day!