The Best Way To Grow Your Own Avocado Tree In Your Garden!

grown-avocadoAvocados are the perfect fruits for making guacamole and salads. They have a shape of  pear. If you are a fan of this fruit the best thing you can do is to grow your personal avocado tree and in that way you will have avocados whenever you want, plus you won’t spend so much time and money.

In this article we will show you what is the best way to have your own avocado tree in your garden. You will read about the whole process of planting, taking care of, especially during winter you should pay much more attention, because this is a tree that grows during warm periods of the year.

The following are the steps you need to follow in order to have your beautiful avocado tree:

1. Extract the seed

Take out the seeds from the avocado and wash them or put them in water for couple of minutes, you have to clean them very well and avoid all traces left from the avocado fruit, but you need to take care not to cut the brown skin of the seeds.

2. Pierce your seed

Every seed has a top and a bottom. From the top the seeds blossom and from the bottom the root grows. They can be easily recognized, because the bottom is always flat and the top always stands out. So, you will put the bottom into water, instead of the top. Keep an eye on these information, they are essential before you start stabbing the seeds with toothpicks. Afterwards, you will take a toothpick and start stabbing the bottom part, this helps for part of the body of the seeds to be above water. Sometimes, the avocado seeds have elongated shape and sometimes they are the perfect sphere.

3. Put the seed in water

The most important thing to do here is to put the bottom of the seeds into water, so the roots are able to grow. Also, be completely sure that you have put the toothpicks firmly and that they are pointed downwards. All of this will help you establish whether the seeds are properly placed  under the water, when the bottom is placed over a glass.

4. Give space to the seed to sprout

At the end part the avocado seed will break out and stem sprout will develop from it, in the meantime the roots will come out from the bottom. The time needed for this is three to six weeks. The moment the stem has approximately five or six inches length, you can take off the first set of leaves. In the upcoming two or three weeks a new, fresh set of leaves will appear and again the roots will appear at its base.

5. The time for trimming the sprout

If the sprout has approximately 6 or 7 inches, you will trim the sprout half of its length, this will allow fresh growth.

6. After all of this you will be ready to plant

Now, you will take a flower container and put enriched soil, which is used for planting flowers. The measurements of the container can be approximately 8″ to 10″ across. Assure yourself that the container has soil about an inch from its top. At the end you will make a hole in the soil and you will put the seeds into the hole with the bottom of the seeds facing the soil. Afterwards, just put a lot of water and you have finished the process of planting the seeds.