Your Body is Acidic. In What Way You May Alkalize The Body Via Natural Way (The Truth Behind Cancer Which Your Doctor Will Never Tell You About)

How-to-Alkalize-your-BodyDr. Otto H. Warburg produced the perfect reply when it comes to the question for the best way of alkalizing the body. His answer was that the combination of baking soda and lemon are the best for this condition. Dr. Otto was a Nobel Prize winner, he was popular due to his breakthrough in the field of medicine – he was able to discover the real reasons which create the cancer. Dr. Warburg, pointed out that the lack of oxygen is the main reason for the appearance of cancer.

The lack of oxygen creates an acidic conditions inside the bodies of people. Moreover, Dr. Warburg gave out the information that cancer cells are anaerobic, plus they have zero ability in surviving when they are uncovered to enormous quantity of oxygen which represents to be one of the characteristics of alkaline state.

Each cell which is with good health has some necessity for oxygen, however cancer cells are able to continue living even when they do not have any oxygen. If you take of 35% of the oxygen from any cell, there is a possibility that it is going to turn the cell of being cancerous when a few days have passed.

The things people eat and drink every single day detect the right maintenance of the pH levels of the body. The term pH balance is used when people talk about the balance between alkaline and acid content inside each cells and fluid inside the body of the people. The bodies of the people have to discover the best balance for the pH levels of people blood that is approximately 7.365 (a little bit alkaline) for the sole purpose of staying healthy.

No matter what, the regime of consummation food products that a person from The Unites States includes a bunch of acid-supporting and toxic food products such as refined grains, processed sugars, GMO etc. This type of diet often produces in damaging acidic pH values. pH levels which do not have good balance have the ability of  impeding the cells of doing their job.

Greatly acidic pH as well has the ability of resulting in the appearance of a lot of various health problems such as osteoporosis, cancer, diabetes, heartburn and heart disease. In situations when the body spends a longer period of time inside an acidic state, it is able to make much faster the aging process.

AS it was said by Robert Young, most of the health problems appear as a result of the acidic state of the body. A bunch of viruses, candida, bad bacteria and parasites may appear in this situations. On the other hand, alkaline state has the ability of counterbalancing their actions. So, in what way people can alkalize the body?

By taking care and making sure that their pH balance is always the same, people will have the ability of keeping and protecting their health.

In What Way People Can Alkalize The Body Via Natural Way – A Medicine prepared At Home For AcidityHow-to-Alkalize-your-Body-Naturally-800x363

The following are the necessary ingredients:
  • Two tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice (you may use also organic apple cider vinegar instead)
  • 1/3 teaspoon of baking soda

The following are the necessary information of how to prepare it:

Use all of the ingredients and make a nice combination of them all. The combination made of acid and base immediately is going to begin to fizz. Keep going with pouring baking soda to the point when the fizz ends. The next step it to put eight ounces of water inside the glass.

So, this combination you are going to drink one time. By using this medicine made at home you are going to balance the pH and create an alkaline-friendly environment inside the body. Furthermore, this is going to assist you in keeping normal the acid inside the belly as well as to soothe acidosis.