Boil Lemons At Night And When You Wake Up The Effects Will Amaze You

To know that your body works the best water, start every day with lemon water. This drink is amazing of recently and many people sadly do it wrong. Warm lemon water every morning before you eat is amazingly healthy and gives you nutrients, but throwing the peel makes deficit in nutrients.

To get all the benefits, boil the lemons and do not squeeze them. Read more to see how to make this lemon water the best way.

You need:
  • Honey
  • 6 lemons
  • 20 oz water

Slice the lemons and add them in water to boil for 3 min and let this cool after it. Then remove the lemons from the pot and get the water. Add honey for taste and enjoy. The rest can sit in a bottle.

Many benefits come from this water. The drink refreshes the breath, boosts immunity and stops colds and flu, gives energy, improves digestion and speeds up metabolism, balances the pH, gives hydration to the lymph system, improves mood and speeds up healing.

Start every day with this water and you will feel much better. No need to reheat this, just drink it fast as a cold beverage.