The Bottles Made Of Plastic Are The Ones Which Are Killing You Slowly!

Plastic-BottleApproximately 2 million bottles people are buying in every 5 minutes all over the world. Then, approximately 1 million cups have been drunk from in the airplanes in the Unites states Of America ion each six hours. So, this points out the fact that the plastic bottles are one of the most used products all over the world. But, apparently people have no idea that these bottles are able of killing them slowly, as a couple of studies have showed.

For a long period of time, people thought that the water from the bottles is much better than the water from the tap because it they were filled with vitamins, but that it is not the real truth. But, the thing is that the water in bottles is simply a water from the tap, something that transforms this to be a not good environment for the process of hydration. If we don’t count this, we can also say that the bottles are extremely hazardous for people. So, before you take a bottle and you decide to use it, just check first the bottom and look for the symbol.

The symbols and what they mean

So, as we said check the bottom of the bottle and there you will find a symbol which goes from one to seven, In that way you will be able to find out if the bottle you use it is good and safe or not.

1. If you see a symbol as PETE or PET, that suggests that you should use the bottle only one time and then throw it away. The reason for this is that of you use it again sometime than you risk the release of a certain chemical substance known under the name of EPA. This substance is able of producing antimony, this represents a very heavy metal that is possible to mingle with the hormones inside the body. As well, there is a huge possibility for the substance to cause cancer.

2. Then, if there is a triangle marked with the number 2, that symbol is known under the name HDP or HDPE, this ones is known as a good plastic. The reason is that this substance it does not have too much influence when it is touched with the water, opposite to the other substance used in the bottles.

3. The bottles with the symbol V or PVC marked with number 3, point out that the bottles are consisted of the most dangerous toxins, that are capable of influencing the hormones inside the body. But, no matter what the PVC is the plastic which is used the most.

4. LDPE are the type of plastic which have number 4 at the bottom and they point out the fact that they do not have any bad chemicals in them when they are used in the production of water bottles. But, a lot of these can be found in the plastic bags.

5. Plastics with number 5 or also known as PP, are considered to be good plastics. These plastics is very easy to remember because they have white color or there are situations when they are transparent. They can be easily found because the cups of yogurt or the bottles of syrup are made of this.

6. It doesn’t matter that these plastics are consisted of STIREN, a substance that has carcinogenic effects, they are still used for packaging fast food and also for the coffee cups.

7. PC, is the category in which the plastics have no labels. However, that is not a positive thing, because people should not use plastics without labels due to the fact that they release the chemical known as BPA, this chemical has a lot of hazardous effects. But, it is unfortunate that these BPA plastics are used for the making of sports bottles, food containers and what is the most awful thing they are used for the making of bottles for kids.

So, we can summarize by saying that if you have a bottle with the numbers 2, 4 and 5 then it is fine, you should not worry too much, but if your bottles have 1,3,7 and 6 then in that case you and your organism are at risk due to the production these plastics have for your body and organism.