How Can You Inhale Himalayan Pink Salt And Cleanse Mucus, Bacteria And Toxins Off The Lungs?

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There is a lot of info in the web for the benefits of Himalayan salt and many people still do not realize that unlike regular salt, this one has 84 elements and minerals vital for us for the health.

These minerals are in ionic state so they are tiny and perfect for absorption.

Treating with salt is not new

This is somewhat new to USA, but salt rooms are used for medicinal uses in East Europe for over 2 centuries. Some years ago this was common for those with lung issues, they went to salt mines for healing. Ancient Greeks used the Halotherapy for breathing problems.

In USA, salt therapy is more popular lately and such salt rooms are more valued. Salt kills bacteria, fungi and microbes.

Many people visit these salt mines to cure breathing issues like asthma, allergy, congestions, fevers and more such rooms pop up in Orlando, New York, London…

No need to travel for this benefit. Enjoy the benefits by adding this salt in the diet. It comes as blocks, lamps, slabs, rocks, ground salt for cooking, coarse for baths  or try make Sole.

The salt inhaler benefits

Modern inhalers mix the best of old and new. The small Himalayan rocks of salt rest in the inhaler bottom. When you inhale, the moisture in the air absorbs salt particles in the lungs.

This reduces inflammation in lungs and fights asthma, allergy, cold, congestion, sinus congestion, fevers and more. This has no side effects, unlike traditional inhalers.

  • Salt is natural expectorant and removes mucus
  • Less mucus means less coughing at night and less nasal drips
  • This salt has 84 items and minerals vital for us
  • Inhaling salt removes redness and swelling in the nose
  • Himalayan inhalers remove irritation and inflammation of smoke/pollution
  • It removes bacteria, fungi, microbes and a salt inhaler can cleanse you from toxins.
How is this inhaler used?

Put the Himalayan rocks in a ceramic inhaler, NOT plastic. Put the mouthpiece to the mouth, breathe in normally, exhale through the nose.

Skip adding water, this is dry therapy.

When you inhale with slow, long breaths this brings salt ions in the lungs and they are small so they pass the filtering nasal paths fast and get absorbed directly. Then the lungs bring them to the blood, this removes inflammation and pain from lungs and cures asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis.


If you follow the directions on the package, know that this inhaler is NOT shared. Each family member needs one separately.

Many have seen immediate results after a few days, so the effects of this salt are subtle with constant use.

How to refill the inhaler?

For this, just open the round topper of plastic, empty out the old salt and put fresh coarse salt. Plug the topper back.

Never refill with other things than Himalayan salt.

Where to buy this?

These inhalers can be bought online or in health stores.

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