You Can Say Goodbye to Back Pain in Natural Way! This Has Been Achieved With Success In 95% Of The Cases!

The pain in the low back people know it besides this name, also with the name as lumbago, hexenschuss, and witch stab. This condition represents one of the biggest and most dangerous health issues in recent time.

What Does This Represent?

The spine has around 33 vertebrae (12 thoracic, 7 cervical, 5 sacrum, 5 lumbar, and 4 coccyx). All of these are linked with a bunch of di8fferent nerves, muscles, ligaments, as well as blood vessels, which keep the body to stay together and function.

The nerve roots which are parts of the arms and legs, as well as the spinal cord go through the canal with the spine that gives out an upright position.

The spine has a bunch of various multiple, what this means is that the spine it is exposed to mechanical action of the load (train, pressure, twisting, bending, shear) the whole time and this is one of the reasons why the spine is being brought to the point where it is used way too much and that is why people suffer a lot with pain at the low back.

Various areas of the spine are consisted of various range of motion.

In this way, the chest part is found in the low mobile, on the other hand the neck is marked with an extremely high mobility.

Degenerative changes may be created with the transition between one and another area of the spine, as well as they represent often sources of pain.

What Are The Risk Categories?

Very difficult physical jobs, jobs where people have to sit constantly, osteoporosis, degenerative process and congenital anomalies of the spine after undergoing some surgeries or having injuries on the spine are most often the reasons for the appearance of low back pain.

How To Treat This And Prevent It As Well?

As a lot of studies pointed out, people who have issues with back pain at the lower part may enjoy a much better life by with the usage of one herb known under the name of comfrey which is usually discovered on wet fields, meadows, and ditches that are placed closely to the water.

The experts from the German Sports University performed a study which included 120 people who suffered from back pain at the higher and lower part of the back. They did this study in order to test an ointment which is part of the comfrey root extract. The British Journal of Sports Medina gave out the obtained results, and they have pointed out that people were able to cure their back pain with complete success within just a couple of days of usage of the ointment.

The people rubbed 4 grams of the ointment onto their backs approximately three times during the day for about five days. The people from the study were divided, one group of people used the ointment which consisted the comfrey root extract and the other group did not. However, we should mention that absolutely no one, the people who conducted the study nor the participants were aware of who from them are going to get the comfrey root ointment and who of the people are going to receive the placebo.

The people who made the study pointed out and clarified that the extract from the rot of this plant is incredibly powerful and it has been shown clinically to have reduced the pain of the back with success.

Comfrey has been used for a very long time, starting from way back at the ancient period of time. This herb is consisted of hairy leaves, and one huge beet-like root. A lot of researches from the past pointed out the effects of this herb for a bunch of several types of pain, especially against the pain and dislocation of joints in the knee and osteoarthritis, when this herb has been used a gel.

But, no matter what remember this herb is not allowed to be used as supplements and capsules, due to the fact that it may create some damages to the liver.