Coconut Will Make You a Decade Younger Looking If You Use It Like This For 2 Weeks

Coconut oil is more popular lately and not for cooking only. It has power items for beauty and health both. It is the best item for food regimen, health and beauty too.

The reasons why you need coconut more:

1. For cellulite

Perfect for women. Just get 2 items, coconut and honey. Mix them and apply on skin, before bed, and do this for a few weeks.

2. Nourished skin

Every night before sleep, apply coconut and nourish the skin. This will seep deep and make elasticity.

3. Varicose veins

Apply coconut daily and cure the veins

4. Softer cuticles

Massage nails and fingers with coconut and have smooth hands

5. Eyelashes

Coconut is great for those that wear make up. Apply coconut on lashes and no more breakage of lashes and hair loss

6. Shaving cream

Those we buy have chemicals and toxins, coconut is natural and especially good for armpits and gentle parts. Soothes skin and has amazing smell.

7. Hand cream

Since it smoothens skin, for hands this is perfect.

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