Color The Hair Naturally With No Chemicals

In 2008 there was a study by Clairol. It was found out that up to 75% American females color their hair and the same study also showed that of them 88% think the hair is an important role for the outlook and self confidence.

These chemicals like hair colors must never be ignored and have to be avoided at all costs, especially since you go to the salon often or buy the colors and damage the hair at home.

Up to even 5000 chemicals exist in these colors and some cause cancer, animal studies are a proof of this.

How to color hair with no chemicals?

Carrot juice and beet for redheads

This is an awesome way for red hues and tones on some strands and without chemicals.

You just need:

Beet juice and whipped coconut oil


Put together the oil and the beet juice and then apply to the head nicely. Put plastic wrap or shower cap and leave up to an hour. Rinse, wash and style as usually.

For blonde – chamomile for golden strands

You need:

8 tbsp chamomile

300 ml water

Lemon juice


Put the 300 ml hot water on the chamomile petals. Heat up for 15 min and then let it cool aside before filtering. Add the ½ lemon juice. Now, put this mix on the scalp and hair, comb thoroughly and let it dry off. In the sun it will become even brighter while coloring it. After it is dry, wash with shampoo.

For rich dark brown hue – walnuts

Crush walnuts and boil their hulls in pot full of water. This is boiled for half an hour. Let it cool and soak the hair with this liquid for 20 min. for darker shade, soak longer. Do not rub hard on the scalp.

For grey hairs – onion peels

Take ½ glass onion peels in a full water glass with boiling water. After 20 min, cover with lid and keep the moist heat inside. Now separate liquid from peels with a gauze. To this add 2 tbsp. glycerol and rub this on the head and hair daily for wanted results. After rubbing it, wash the hair as usual and dry in the air naturally.