Consume The Following Vitamin And You Will Forget About Getting Another Bite From A Mosquito Ever Again!

Take-This-Vitamin-And-You-Will-NEVER-Get-Another-Bite-From-Mosquito-Again-800x445Ah… summer. The days are longer, the sky is beautiful and sunny, you visit the amazing sandy beaches and of course then there are the mosquitoes. A huge number of mosquitoes.

However, there are people who do not care that much about them, due to the fact that the mosquito repellent has appeared somewhere around 1956.

On the other side, if you are a person like I am, a person who would like to stop smelling like the burnt left overs of a chemical plant, you know that is the smell you get when you have used the repellent, as well as you are a person who is afraid of the negative and side effects of DEET found in sprays and are a lot more disposed of getting bit (all jokes aside, apparently mosquitoes are really fond of me and just me when there is some parties), so you can start consuming Vitamin B1 because this may be the right thing which will save you. .

Vitamin B1 people know it as well under the name of thiamine, it is an extremely important vitamin necessary for the body of the people. This vitamin it may be discovered inside food like the eggs, oatmeal, liver, asparagus, yeast, kale and brown rice and is essential in combating stress and increases the immunity.

This vitamin is part of the water-soluble vitamins and any extra which the body is not using it turns out, so there you go you can stop worrying about consuming this vitamin way too much.

The most amazing thing when it comes to the connection which Vitamin B1 and mosquitoes is that it is capable of making different the way of how you smell to those small annoying creatures. People who consume Vitamin B1 and which is discovered in their systems have rather “yeasty” smell to mosquitoes, which turns them in becoming not desirable for biting.

But, on the other hand, the smell other people notice it remains the same, so if you think that you have a smell of an old bread you are probably right, but don’t worry your friends will still love you.

The study regarding this situation it has not been concluded yet, however, if consuming extra thiamin on a daily basis does not show any side effects then you should definitely try it. Me, I have decided to try this medicine and it turned out to have excellent results, plus I was able to notice the identical excellent results within various people to whom I recommended this.

Some conditions are able in reducing the amount of thiamine inside the body like for example, Crohn’s illnesses gastric bypass, chronic alcoholism and anorexia, so in this way people who suffer from these conditions can have a lot of benefits and positive effects for their health with extra consummation of this supplement.

Would you like to try this? Consume 100 mg of thiamin on a daily basis. In just two weeks, you will have to begin seeing a reduced amount of times of not very pleasing slapping over these pests in order to keep them as far as possible from your body.

If the consummation of thiamine is not helping you, then you should try the following completely natural mosquito repellent recipe in helping you to stop having the necessity of using these chemical warfare on the body as a repellent.


These are the necessary ingredients:
The following are the steps of preparation:
  1. Load an 8oz. container halfway with heated water, but before everything else is done leave it like that to cool down!
  2. Put after that witch hazel, approximately ½ of a tea spoon
  3. After that, put 15 drops of tea tree oil
  4. At the end include 15 drops of lavender oil
  5. You are going to use this according to your necessities.