Dangerous Symptoms of High Blood Pressure

These are the signs of extremely high blood pressure:
  • If you have a poor circulation or a headache
  • If you have blood in the urine or if you have lightheadedness
  • If you are breathing difficult or your nose is bleeding
  • If you feel pounding in the ears and neck
  • If you have numbing sensation or an impaired vision
More about the symptoms of high blood pressure

If you have some of the symptoms above you need to see a doctor immediately. Your problem needs to be seen by a doctor so they can give you some treatment. When we talk about the blood pressure, it can be lower by natural ingredients (omega3, potassium and hawthorn). Also your doctor will tell you everything about the useful supplements.

DASH diet is a natural healthy way if you want your blood pressure to be better and healthier. Some people can control the blood pressure with the natural methods.

Natural methods for lowering high blood pressure:
  • You need to do exercises
  • You need to reduce sodium
  • You need to consume healthy food

There is a clinical trial, that it saying that the people with high blood pressure lowered it by reducing the intake of sodium. The Dash diet is the best thing to make you blood pressure better.

DASH diet
  • You need to consume low fat dairy products
  • You need to eat nuts, fish and grains
  • You need to consume vegetables and fresh foods
  • You really need to avoid the fast food

Like we said some of the people can make their blood pressure better by doing the dash diet, home exercise and the intake of sodium. But some people can’t better their blood pressure by these things so they need to take the medicine. There is a saying that everyone gets better when they make the combination of the diet and the exercises. You need to talk to your doctor, so he can make you analyzes, so you will know if you can do this things you can get better.

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Source: www.healthyfoodheadlines.com