Detoxify Your Body with Smoothies prepared at Home

Today the elimination of the toxins that we encounter daily in our routine activities can be done by simply drinking smoothies. It is not necessary to adjust to the food that you don’t like. These smoothies will not only help to detoxify your body, but while you drink you will be satisfied knowing that in the same time you are getting rid of the toxins in your organism.

These detoxification smoothies are perfect for loosing weight and help you maintain in good health. There are varieties of tasty recipes that will provide you with the necessary vitamins and minerals and allowed your body to purify, so you can stay in great condition.

Try some of them:

Mostly Green

You will need: half of pear; a quarter of avocado; 1 tsp of chia seeds; 1 cup of spinach; 1 scoop of protein powder; 1 cup of almond milk; ¼ cup of coconut water. First you blend all the ingredients, until the wanted texture, and always use pure water.

Smoothie Extra Green

You will need: 1 and ¼ cup of chopped kale leaves; 1 ¼ frozen cups of cubed mango; 1 cup juice from orange or tangerine; ¼ chopped fresh mint; ¼ chopped parsley leaf. After you combine all the ingredients you put them in your blender and make a puree. This is enough for two glasses. One glass contains 39 carbs, 0.5 grams of fat, 56mg sodium and 3 grams of protein.

Strong and sugary

You will need: 1 cup of papaya; 1 tsp of raw honey; 1 cup of coconut kefir; ½ lime juice. Blend the ingredients. Instead of kefir you can use coconut yogurt made from cultured coconut milk. This smoothie is good for stomach discomfort.

Build up Immunity Smoothie

You will need: 1 whole organic lemon; ¼ cup of organic blueberries. Blend all the ingredients and add a cup of alkaline water. Blend again and put in frozen glass.

Smoothie full with Antioxidant

You will need: 3 tsp of ginger juice; ¼ cup of blueberries; 1 frozen banana. First, mix all the ingredients using a blender and then add one cup almond milk or the milk you like.

Smoothie that reduces the pain and Inflammation

You will need: 1 green apple; 1 lemon; 1 peeled cucumber; 3-4 red leaves of lettuce; 1 tsp of barley grass juice powder; ¼ fresh or frozen as you prefer, cup of mango. Blend all the necessary ingredients and then add 8-12 ounces of pure water blend again and serve to two people.

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