Doctors Advise To Stop Removing The Chicken Skin – It Is Healthy!

You must have heard that chicken skin is bad for the health and figure. It is fattening, raises cholesterol, blood pressure and even makes the heart sicker! But, studies recently stated that all these things are wrong. No need to throw the chicken skin after you cook the meat.

Health experts of Harvard University said eating this skin in moderation is good and not unhealthy. And it has some benefits like:

1. Heart- friendly

It is not bad for the heart and this might sound as a surprise. Also avocados were notorious in the same way for this same reason, but chicken skin has unsaturated fats that are good for the heart. These fats lower pressure and bad cholesterol as they regulate hormones too.

2. No problem with the calories

Calories are not that much in the skin! In 12 oz serving of chicken with skin there are just 50 calories more rather than skinless chicken.

3. More flavor

No need for adding extra salt since the skin is flavorful enough. Salt in excess is awful, so keep the chicken skin and add less salt.

4. Less oil absorbed

Cooking chicken with high heat can make the food too oily. Luckily, skin here is a barrier for the meat and no need to make the meat inside too greasy. The oil is changed to a crust and cannot get inside the tender meat. Even if you eat skinless chicken, at least cook it longer with the skin.

No more removal of the skin, enjoy this spicy, crunchy savory tasty skin. It is not unhealthy but eat it in moderation since it has omega 6 and omega 3s. this ratio is unbalanced and can cause inflammation if eaten too much. Also the skin that is charred has to be removed since it is not nutritional at all.