A Drink That Damages The Bones From Inside Out, Yet We All Drink It

Stats say that USA people drink soda more than ever and the sodas drank daily rose to even 25%. 25% of sodas are soft drinks sold in USA.

Back in 2000, Americans bought 15 billion gallons soda or 12 oz cans per day per capita, regardless the age.

The internet is full of info about the damages from sodas but if that was not enough, read more here.

Osteoporosis and soda

Soda has caffeine and phosphoric acid too. There were tests from the Framingham Osteoporosis Study BMD bone mineral density in 1413 women and 1125 men, back in 2006 and they said cola consuming made reduction in BMD for females more than men.

As per some studies the cause for this is too much phosphorus that steals the calcium from you. Experts claim too that this acid in the cola makes calcium leakage OUT from bones.

Another study said 330 mg caffeine or 4 cups coffee also makes bone loss. Caffeine meddles with calcium absorption and we lose it with the urine.

So we must avoid sodas all the time to prevent this disease and keep calcium in, also prevent Crohn’s if we are older than  50.


Extra pounds? Soda is to blame. Sodas make more obesity than ever and just one can will make you gain weight more.

If you drink diet soda it is different. This one is even worse since it has artificial sweeteners that make much more health issues than sugar.

Damage to liver

The worst thing for the liver. Too much soda makes risk of cirrhosis, the same that happens to alcoholics.

Tooth decay

Sodas damage our teeth enamel and due to the acidity and chemicals teeth are just as damaged as with candies.

Kidney stones and kidney disease

The lovely cola has flavors, phosphoric acid and sugars all damaging the urinary organs. So kidneys are more prone to stones. Having 12 oz cans will increase this risk by 15%.

Source and References: www.healthyfoodhouse.com