Drink Lemon Juice Made With Lemon Peel And Enjoy In Its Many Benefits!

Lemon juice is one of the best and healthiest type of juice. Plenty of people all over the world drink lemon juice each day before having breakfast. Drinking lemonade in the morning improves your health in amazing ways.

The reason that makes lemons so healthy and good is the high level of some of the best elements such as iron, phosphorus, flavonoids, magnesium, potassium, antioxidants, calcium, and nutritional vitamins such as B, C and E. The lemonade or lemon juice itself is consisted of antibacterial, immune-building, antiviral characteristics. Lemon juice has huge amount of nutritional vitamins, magnesium, calcium, citric acidity, pectin, limonene, and bioflavonoids.

Lemon is one of the healthiest and most delicious type of tropical fruit filled with many healthy nutrients.

Thanks to its positive benefits lemon juice helps you fight issues as bacteria, infections and makes better the work of the immune system. When you wake up on empty stomach drink one glass of warm lemon juice and you will notice positive changes in your life and health. Some of those changes are better function of the digestive system, reduces the desire for food, forms alkaline environment for the inside the body and increases the pH level inside your body and improves your metabolism which will bring results by losing weight.

Lemon has huge levels of vitamin C; one glass of lemon juice will give you 187% from the necessary daily amount.

We all like lemon juice, we love drinking it during the hot, summer days. However, many people make mistakes when preparing it. It seems easy, but there a couple of tricks which you have to pay attention to. The most usual way of preparing lemon juice is the regular way one squeezed lemon into a glass of cold and warm water. But do you use the peel when you prepare the juice? Usually, not.

* The following is the best way of preparing lemon juice without losing any of the benefits that lemon has as a fruit.

The Best Lemon Juice Recipe

Take two fresh lemons, cut them into two pieces. But, slice them in order to be thin. Squeeze the lemons into a glass, then take the peel off from the lemons you squeezed. Put the pieces that are left into a glass with cold or warm water.

Many experts pointed out that lemon juice improves the function of the digestive system. Also, it makes slower the absorption of food and with that the insulin is stored into the system.

When you start to drink lemon juice every morning you will make the GI system to function much quicker and lower the retention of water.

As we said before drinking lemon juice is extremely helpful and healthy for your organism. So, try and always start your day with a glass of lemon juice. It is the one of the best solutions for starting your day, however when you prepare the juice always use THE PEEL!

Article and image source: www.organichealthuniverse.com