If You Eat These 7 Foods The Cancer Dies, It’s Time To Start.

We have to tell you something amazing, is about the food and drink you consume it every day. The amazing thing is that they can help you to fight against cancer. This is very good for you and is correct that you can fight against cancer with seven different food and drink.

These kinds of food and drinks are not only good for your fight against cancer they are also good for tumor development. The best thing is that the food and the drinks you need to consume they are one of your favorite.

A lot of experts think that the red wine, curry, green tea, tomatoes, black chocolate and blueberries are more powerful than chemo.

We will show what kind of qualities they have.

The well-known process angiogenesis is a creation of blood vessels in our bodies. When we are talking about the newborns this process is enhanced. This is not often performed in your life only when in the wounds comes to when the tissues and the capillaries are restoring.

The activators and the inhibitor molecules are activating the regulation of this process. If we want the increased vascular cell to growth for the formation of new blood vessels the inhibitors are more important.

When they have anti-angiogenesis properties these 7 foods have functions that impede the blood supply to the tumor cells.

Namely, they need additional blood vessels in order to be supplied with nutrients and spread throughout the body (metastasis), through the blood. This means that their growth is conditioned by the tumor angiogenesis.

When the cancer cells star to release the activators of their angiogenesis molecules that clean the body and them growth of new blood vessels and the tumor is supplied to nutrients and oxygen. The new drugs nowadays are the inhibitors of angiogenesis and them to their job in a different way than the chemotherapy, because they don’t attack the cancer cells and to the tumor they prevent the growth of blood vessels, this is the main reason.

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