Eating Beets For a Healthy Liver

The liver works the hardest of all organs. It has over 500 work functions, for immunity, metabolism, digestion and detoxing.

It is the main detox organ we have. Detox is a crucial process that keeps us free from illnesses and removes toxins healthy.

The liver filters the blood and it works all day long to keep harm away from us.

Can beets make the liver healthier?

Beets have magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin C, betaine, carotene, B complex, manganese.

The betaine is an item that keeps the liver safe for the bile flow. Also it lowers homocysteine said National Institutes for Health.

The betaine is in the peel and flesh of beet, but mostly in the beet top where the leaves connect. Betaine is crucial for the liver and keeps alcohol damage far away, which makes beets great for a detox.

Beet recipe

1. Green smoothie for liver detox

You need: 1 lemon peeled, ½ cup parsley, ½ cup dandelion greens, ½ rib celery, 2 peeled oranges. Blend all items.

2. Beet juice for health in the liver

You need: 1 beet, 1 carrot, 1 lemon, parsley handful. Mix them all in a juicer.