Eliminate Geographic Tongue By Following These Simple Rules!

The term geographic tongue means that the appearance of your tongue changes constantly in a couple of days or weeks. This condition is also known under the name of “erythema migraines” and ” benign migratory glossitis”. This condition should not alarm you since it does not exist any particular evidence for this condition to be serious and be a sign for a bigger oral health problem like cancer.

Geographic tongue is not something that many people have, in fact 1 to 3% of the population have this condition. It can attack not just the tongue but the whole mouth.

* Here are a couple of important facts to know about geographic tongue:

What causes this condition:

The tongue is consisted of papillae. These are small bumps on which the taste buds are placed on. It happens often for these bumps to disappear and there is rise of the geographic tongue.

But, what is the reason for this papillae to disappear? Honestly, there is no answer to this since no one really knows what causes this condition. One of the given explanation is that it is genetic meaning if there is someone in your family it is very easy for you to have it as well.

Other possible reasons for causing geographic tongue could be stress, allergies of food, diabetes, improper balance of the hormones and cracks on the yop of the tongue ( a condition known as fissured tongue as well).

Signs and symptoms:

The geographic tongue comes from the appearance of the tongue which looks like a map. Red or other color type of patches which are don’t have any proper form combined with white border all over the tongue. The place where these red patches can be found vary constantly it takes days, weeks and months and they constantly change place. Also, the can disappear and then appear again easily.

According to doctors people who have this type of tongue tend to feel some burning sensations and pain. These can be felt especially in moments when you eat some spicy, hot or acidic food products, you smoke cigarettes or you brush your teeth with some special toothpaste.

Also, you have to know that the sign and symptoms of geographic tongue can easily affect the entire mouth and not just the tongue.

How to treat this condition?

Burning sensation and pain can disappear by themselves easily. However, your dentist can give you some painkillers in case you cannot stand the annoying pain anymore, a pain caused by geographic tongue.

Apart from the painkillers, the dentist can also give you remedies such as oral rinses with anesthetic characteristics, anti-inflammatory remedies, zinc substances and corticosteroids which can be placed directly on the parts of the tongue where you feel the pain.

What type of complications may happen?

As we said before having a geographic tongue does not mean that you have oral cancer so it is not such a serious issue However, people suffering from this condition may start having bad breath. Also, if you find out that some certain type of food products affects your tongue you should stop consuming them.

According to the dentists’ conditions such as oral thrush or candidiasis of the mouth can appear as well. This is a disease caused by some fungal infections easily transmitted to other people. That is why this condition should be treated with antifungal remedies.

* Here are a couple of remedies you can prepare at your house which will help you eliminate this condition:

◇ Drink more fluids in order to keep the mouth clean and to eliminate any possible signs and symptoms

◇ Aloe Vera gel is the real deal. Put the gel on the troubled places inside the mouth, leave it for 10 minutes and then clean the mouth with water. Perform this process three times per day.

◇ Make a combination of one tablespoon of raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar and one glass of lukewarm water. Mix them, take a dip and gargle for a couple of minutes. Try this process 2 to 3 times during the day.

◇ Another amazing remedy for this condition is tea mint. Prepare the tea, leave it in the fridge and then drink it like that taken out from the fridge.

◇ One of the most important thing is to eat well. Make your diet to be filled with food that contains a lot of zinc and vitamin B and you will easily eliminate geographic tongue.

Article and image source: www.healthdigezt.com