Eliminate High Blood Pressure With The Following Simple Steps!

If you go at the doctor for advice how to lower your blood pressure he/she will tell you to reduce food with a lot of salt and to drink some pills. These are the usual and most frequent solutions for reducing the blood pressure and bringing it into normal range. However, exist a couple more solutions according to many experts and these are just a few:

  • Stay at the sun more

It is a common fact that the sunrays make the skin and complexion of the body to have amazing glow, plus the sun gives people plenty of vitamin D. Well, these is all true but do you happen to know that sun can help you reduce the increased blood pressure? It was discovered that the sunrays are helpful for the synthesize of the nitric oxide, which is a gas that relaxes the blood vessels.

  • Start drinking beet juice

We mentioned nitric oxidate well, guess which vegetable is filled with his gas: you are right, the beet! Plus, thanks to the amazing color beet has it is more than clear that this vegetable has a huge number of antioxidants that can combat oxidative stress and inflammation. These two issues can make the blood pressure to increase.

  • Start eating wild berries

Wild berries are another source and maybe the best source when you want to fight oxidative stress and inflammation, according many experts for nutrition. So, don’t think twice, just go on and start eating these delicious snacks. You can put them all over your yogurt, oatmeal or some baked snacks. Also, if you cannot find fresh berries use frozen ones and you will be fine.

  • Have a pet

It is a known fact that having a pet can help you in reducing stress and make your life happier. However, having a pet can also influence in lowering your increased blood pressure. So, if you wish as a child was having a dog or a cat or any other animal and you couldn’t well, today is your luck day. Go and find your favorite animal and enjoy finally in having a pet.

  • Start volunteering

Get up and become a member of some organization. It will help you with lowering your stress since you will be surrounded my many people, then it will improve your heart work which will make you physically more active and also you will see that your life is perfect on its own way.

  • Hug your favorite people more often

It is known that if you hug for at least 30 seconds a loved one such as your love partner, a member of your family or a close friend your body will set free oxytocin. Oxytocin is a chemical that will make you feel loved and safe. So, keep hugging your people because as much as you hug them you will release more oxytocin, you will feel excellent and the high blood pressure will be lowered.

  • Start singing and dancing more often

It doesn’t matter whether you can dance and sing or not. Go on and sing and dance to your favorite music and songs. According the Japanese experts people who often dance and sign have normal blood pressure and have zero stress. This is enough reason for you to start dancing and singing and hitting the clubs more frequently.

  • Eat a healthy breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meals of all. People who do not have regulated blood pressure should definitely begin having a healthy, filled with vitamins breakfast. According to a research a normal, adult female who eats a breakfast with 700 calories enjoys into having normal blood pressure.

  • Start meditating

Take a 10-minute break while working and meditate. It has been proven that this helps in reducing the blood pressure. Simply close your eyes and breath, do not bother thinking on anything except your breathing. With meditation your stress hormones will be reduced and that will stop for your blood pressure to get high.

  • After dinner always go for a walk

If you want excellent health, then start having a walk in the park if you have a garden go and have a walk there as well. This is after you have your dinner. With walking you can reduce the stress from the exhausting day at work, you can solve many heart issues and most importantly you can reduce the increased blood pressure.

Article and image source: www.healthybuilderz.com