ELIMINATE Your Problems With Dark Patches on The Neck, Underarms and Inner Thighs!

When you are waxing, using deodorants, shaving, or if you are exposed on sun, often you see how dark patches appear on your neck, inner thighs, or armpits.

Plus, those people that suffer from diseases like obesity, diabetes, gastrointestinal or genitourinary cancers, as well as people who receive hormonal treatments are also affected by these dark patches on their skin.

Most of the time people see commercials or hear stories that promise you that you can remove these dark patches by visiting certain beauty salons, dermatologists or by buying certain products so they spend a fortune on all of these, however all of this it is just a simple waste of your money and your time also. Now we will tell you the three magical words you need to know.

Sodium Bicarbonate, Olive Oil and Salt

COMPLETE-GUIDE-FOR-REMOVING-DRY-AND-DARK-SKIN-KNEES-AND-UNDERARMS--SKINWith this mixture you will solve all your problems with dark skin and you will say goodbye to them once and for all, plus you can start feeling comfortable in your skin again!

So, by reading this article you will find the best, easiest, most simple and very cheap way to get back your optimal health for your skin , to rejuvenate your skin , how to keep it bright and liberated from all stains.

  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon baking soda
  • 1 tablespoon of salt
Preparation method:

Take one plastic bowl, put all of the ingredients and mix them, when you see that a smooth cream has been made stop mixing.

Afterwards, when the mixture is all done, put it on all the places on your skin where you may have a dark stain, you will have to leave it approximately for 20 minutes and then use a lot of cold water to clean the skin from the mixture.

However, there is also another thing use it against extremely black stains. For this mixture you will need white clay, milk and lemon.

Here you will take a pot and put all of the ingredients, the milk, the lemon and the white clay, then you will combine them and when the product is made, you will put it on your skin on the places that are affected. You will leave the mixture for 15 minutes and then again use a lot of cold water to wash it.


You will use either of these two treatments 3 times a week, until you see that the stains are eliminated.

If you want to be outside on the sun and in the meantime you are using one of these treatments, then you will have to use appropriate cream with UV protection.

Also, you will consume food consisted of vitamin E and you will drink a lot of water;

When you buy the olive oil be careful because it has to be extra virgin;

And you have to use sea salt, not the regular one;

It is better if the milk is skim milk;

If you want you can use as an addition a little coconut oil;

This is the best opportunity for you to eliminate dark spots on the skin by using these natural recipes.

Source: www.myhealthylifeguide.net