Eliminate The Toxins Within Your Body With The Usage Of The Following DIY Detox Foot Pads

Having a life where you are constantly sitting may provoke you to obtain poor circulation, specifically in the lower extremities. Combine all of that with the awful habits of eating as well as the constant exposure to the pollutions within the environment, so all of these may lead to having extra toxins inside yourself. Well, keep reading this article in order for you to discover in what way you may remove the awful toxins out of your body within the help provided by the foot pads which are easily being created in your household.

Due to the fact that it is essential to eliminate the poisonous toxins which are gathered inside the body before they manage to damage your health hugely, the internet began gathering all kinds of supplements which may be used for detoxification, as well as juices and diets. When you want to make clean the body the best thing to do is to use the one way which is easily accomplished. Plus, if you can perform that way without having any problems and side effects in that cases your chances of elimination of the toxins are even bigger.

Probably you have already seen or heard about the detoxifying foot pads when you were going in the pharmacy, in the market for healthy food products as well as it is possible that you have seen them in the every day shops and supermarkets you go to. These type of products are known of being helpful in the elimination of the toxins inside your body with the usage of pads which have sticky undersides which you will put on the soles of the feet before you hit the sack.

No matter the fact that exist a bunch of proves regarding the  excellent effects produced by the pads which will make your eyes to shine, still when you see the price of the pads you will be stunned. A lot of the products are very expensive. Mostly, if you have a tight budget to spend you will lose an amazing opportunity in enjoying of the many benefits of the usage of these detoxifying pads for the feet.

It is annoying because you may go with it and go along with the herd who buy this pads, however you will be left with a big hole inside your wallet and pocket. Well, there is one very simple and easy way by which you may create with your hands and have your own foot pads. So, the most essential ingredients which are the primary ones for eliminating the toxic substances inside your body, probably you can find them in your kitchen.

If it happens that your first aid kit or the medicine cabinet do not have self-sticking gauze pads, you can go and buy a few of them in the local pharmacy or the closest one to you, due to the fact that they are essential for the preparation of the DIY foot pads.

So, enough of this. The following is the process of making your personal, very own detoxifying foot pads.

These are the necessary ingredients:

  • Socks
  • Water
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Self-sticking gauze pads

The following is the process of preparation:

  • First of all, you will start by peeling the garlic and then you will slice it into nice pieces
  • After that, you will slice 1/2 the onion which has to be of medium size
  • Next, with the usage of a kettle put approximately 1/2 cup of water on the stove to boil
  • The next step is to put the pieces of garlic and onion into the water that is boiling. Then, leave it like that for approximately 10 minutes to boil
  • At the end you will put all of that into a bowl of glass and you will leave it there ao it can cool down to a room temperature.

This is how it is supposed to be used:

  1. Put identical amounts of the liquid made of sliced garlic and onion onto the self-sticking gauze pads
  2. Then, slowly and nicely apply the gauze pads over the soles of the feet
  3. Then, in order for you to be assured that the gauze pads won’t move, you have to put the socks on
  4. The next day, take them off carefully
  5. Do not worry if you see that the DIY foot pads have changed their color into dark that means that the process has worked.

See, it is such an easy and simple process to prepare the detoxifying foot pads. So, the thing is that you are not supposed to spend a bunch of money in order for you to have benefits from the detoxifying characteristics of these products. Instead, all you have to do is to slice a few herbs which you have inside your kitchen, leave them to boil and then simply add them on the soles of the feet with usage of self-sticking gauze pads.

Well, we do not have any magic put into this. The thing is that the garlic as well as the onion have amazing antioxidant characteristics. Plus, they point out their amazing antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory abilities. So, there is no surprise why they have the capability of eliminating impurities which are gathered inside your body. Please share with us the amazing experience by using this detox foot pads made in your home!

Source: www.healthdigezt.com