Excellent Types Of Oils For Exfoliated And Hydrated Skin!

All of us always try to have a nice, soft, moisturized skin. So, in order to achieve that, different kinds of moisturizers, lotions, syrups and serums are being used. However, apart from all of these products, exist many more products such as natural oils. These facial natural oils are excellent for the skin because they get to the deepest parts of the skin. The most important thing is to discover the perfect oil type based on the type of skin you have. So, how can you decide which oil to use? Well, we will give you a couple of suggestions:

* Argan oil

This argan oil is the greatest choice for an oil which can serve every possible skin type. The reason why the argan oil is so good is because it moisturizes the skin, keeps it healthy, soft, exfoliated and it helps recover from any possible scars or acne scratches. With the argan oil you will protect your skin from any ruptures, appearances of wrinkles and any possible swelling. The skin will remain soft, clean and clear from any unpleasant things.

* Frankincense essential oil

People who would like to stop and eliminate any possible symptoms of aging, then the best option is the usage of frankincense essential oil. The ketonic alcohol which is the main element in this oil is able to moisturize dry and aging skin. Try and put this oil on your skin and you will notice how your skin will start looking rejuvenated and softer. Moreover, this type of oil can eliminate any scars, wrinkles and acne and at the same time the skin will keep its hydration.

* Rose oil

The rose oil represents also a type of facial oil that can be applied on any type of skin. The skin underneath the eyes benefits the most from this oil. The best time to use this oil is before heading to bed, because there will be not much puffiness into the eyes and the dark skin underneath the eyes won’t be seen anymore.

* Tea tree essential oil

If your skin gets too much acne, then the right thing to do is to start with the usage of the tea tree essential oil. This essential oil has plenty of good, positive benefits to offer such as antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal as well as antimicrobial. All of these characteristics will help the skin to eliminate any bacteria and infection which may cause the appearance of acne. This tea tree essential oil will help you lower any inflammation or swelling and also it will keep the pores of the skin clean.

* Deep hydrating serum

Some of the best hydrating serums are the serums made of coconut, jojoba, hemp, grape seed oil, sunflower, seabuckthorn, marshmallow, green tea, neem leaf, and st. john’s wort. These serums can be used for all types of skin. You can use any of the serums once per day and you will see satisfying results in no time.

* Lavender essential oil

If you have very dry skin, then the best option for you is the lavender essential oil. In this way you will eliminate the dryness and you will have nice moisturized skin. The oil will moisturize the skin very deep and at the same time it will calm down any swelling and inflammation. Problems like redness, acne, wrinkles and rashes will disappear in no time. Also, with the help of this oil you will make better the blood flow. Furthermore, black, dark circles and eye bags will be also eliminated quickly and pain free.

Article and image source: www.wellnessbin.com