If You Feel Bloated All The Time There Might Be Inflammation In The Brain, Depression Or Anxiety. How To Fix This?

You have 2 brains! Yes! A regular brain and gut brain. For a happy brain, you need happy gut.

Gut brain is independent of the nervous system. And has MORE neurotransmitters and serotonin than the head brain.

You can all feel butterflies in the belly or skip food under stress right? What happens in the gut brain goes also to the head brain.

Studies show that IBS seen in 60 million USA people makes irritable brain. Anxiety does not mess up the belly, but the belly makes you that way.

Bloated belly also makes inflamed and bloated brain. Here you can see how to heal the gut and brain, how they are linked and why you need healthy gut for the brain.

The second brain

Dr. Michael Gershon of Columbia Univeristy called this gut brain second brain. And it has a mind of its own! It is linked through network and wiring systems and is the only organ besides brain with its own nerves.

We call this ENS, enteric -gut nervous system, opposed to CNS, central nervous system. This gut brain work is of the same embryonic tissue like brain-brain. And it is linked to autonomic nervous system, sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves.

They act on their own and ENS has many jobs. It keeps moving directions, from top to down, contracting muscle cell, triggering gut hormones and enzymes from ells to make digestion.

Keeps blood flowing and when you absorb food it goes where is needed. Also it controls inflammation gut cells and immunity.

What happens is in the background and is turned back to your brain via the autonomic nervous system. These are 2 independent businesses and must communicate.

Everything happens in the gut and this is said to the brain vie ENS. If the gut is under stress or inflamed, it has few probiotics, or if the protection barrier that gets food and removes toxins is breached, the gut informs the brain.

This makes unhappy brain. To have happy brain, have happy gut.

Gut immune system

60% of our immunity is under the one cell layer gut lining. The job of it is letting JUST good items inside like fats, sugars, minerals, vitamins, all else is OUT like bacteria, toxins and undigested particles.

In fact, if the gut is flatted it would be like a tennis court. There is 3 pounds bacteria comprising 500 species for that surface.

If this breaks down, careful. The brain will not be pleased. Immunity will get activated and react to many foods, bugs, toxins and mood with brain together will get inflamed.

Also toxins get absorbed in the blood stream and this damages the brain! Those with liver failure go crazy since toxins stay in their gut!

The ecosystem and our health are damaged due to stress lives and drugs we take daily. This means too much sugar, junk food, low fiber, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, acid blockers and stress.

So what when things go bad and toxins and stress attack us?

We can make anything happen to us, ADD, depression, autism, Alzheimer, OCD, anxiety and even bad moods or foggy brain. This is a story of a gut gone wrong and how is linked to the brain.

Self intoxicating girl

One spring day a nice 6 year old girl came into my office with her sister and mother. At first, she seemed normal but then the story got tragic.

This was first grade student and was really aggressive to her family and peers, she pinched, kicked, hit them and more. She even threatened suicide.

A lot of studies show abnormal and toxic flora in kids with such problems. Normal kids have healthy flora. Healthy ones – healthy.

She even cut the faces off the pictures with her family. She had anxiety, hopeless and bad attitude. Temper tantrums, swings of mood, attention seeking…

She also got diagnosed with especially  OCD and perfectionism. She had a few frends and her mother got called there daily for the bad behavior.

She was a colicky baby with often diaper and vaginal yeasts, rectal and vaginal itching too and sensitive skin. She loved pastries, sugars, carbs and such.

She has no digestion issues now, but even if a kid does not say anything for her gut, mischief can happen/ the yeast and bacteria fermented might be sugar, starches and make intoxication with alcohol, a byproduct.

The violent behavior is seen in drunks and this is from alcohol of yeasts in the gut. Maybe this was the case with the girl?

I found she has deficit in Magnesium and zinc too, vital for the digestion enzymes.

She also had delayed food allergy IGG for rye, wheat, oats, barley and all grains. And she had low DHA, brain omega 3 acid.

She also had issues with the methylation, severe B6 vitamin and B12 and folate deficit. And she had troubles making energy in the cells.

These things happen since they are all linked inside. It is never one thing. The gut is the center of the health even with no signs.

The most amazing thing here was that the girl had high signs of too much bacteria and yeast in the gut. These levels were abnormal.

Getting her on gluten free and dairy free diet, whole foods and organic foods, cod liver oil, Mg, methylation like B6, B12, folate and multivitamins with probiotics helped her a lot.

The aggressive behavior, bad mood, all were gone. Her mom said before this the kid got punished all day long and had school troubles daily. Now this stopped and all the bugs of her head were gone. She had autointoxication and that made the bad behavior. These bug toxins modify the brain chemistry and affect all organs.

Studies also showed that abnormal toxin flora in kids with such problems is often seen.

Normal kids have healthy gut flora.

Happy flora is happy behavior person

Dr. David Relman of Stanford studied the DNA of the ecosystem for bugs in gut and said bugs that live in the gut determine the health and even more than DNA! Healthy gut is healthy brain.

What to do here?

Be kind to the gut:

  1. No allergens no dairy no gluten
  2. No steroids, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, acid blockers
  3. Get digestive enzymes
  4. Get probiotics with good bacteria
  5. Eat whole foods, fiber, beans, veggies, nuts, seeds, fruits, grains…

And keep in mind, for a good brain, have healthy gut. More details are seen in my book, UltraMind Solution.

Now ask yourself:

  1. Do you noticed digestion issues affecting the mood?
  2. What foods improve or worsen the mood?
  3. What steps you made for helping this?

Source: theheartysoul.com