Find Out What Will Happen If You Consume 2 Bananas Every Day For 1 Month

if-you-eat-2-black-spotted-bananas-per-day-for-a-month-this-will-happen-to-your-bodyVery often the bananas are called the complete food, and the main reason for that is because the bananas provide the body with all of the important nutrients. But, it looks like this fruit is underrated nowadays.

The banana contains natural sugars – sucrose and fructose, vitamins, fibers and nutrients.

According to the statistic, the most consumed fruit in the United States is the banana, more than oranges and apples combined. When we buy the banana, it has a greenish yellow color, but after a few days, the banana changes the color and then appear a few dark spots, and they can even turn brown.

But, usually the people avoid to eat a banana that has brown color. But, the riper the banana is, and the more dark spots it has, the more TNF it will have.

What is TNF?

TNF is one anti-cancer substance that fights against those abnormal cells in the body.

It helps in establishing the communication between the cells of the immune response system. Also, it helps guide the movement of the cells toward the areas of the body where there is some inflammation or infection.

According to one recent study, the ripe bananas contain TNF that obstructs the development of the tumor cells. Also, it obstructs the spread of these cells by inducing cell death or apoptosis. The bananas contain high amounts of beneficial antioxidants.

They can strengthen the immune system and they can give a boost to the number of white blood cells. So, if you see a banana with brown color, don’t throw it away. Eat that banana, it is really healthy.

Here are some other health benefits of the banana:

Heartburn and Blood Pressure – bananas are high in potassium and low in sodium, so they are amazing for the blood pressure and if you have a heartburn.

Energy – the bananas contain many minerals and vitamins, so they are an amazing source of quick energy. They are perfect before exercise. The potassium can prevent the muscle cramps.

Fighting Depression – the bananas contain a substance called tryptophan, and this substance is good for the depression. It turns into serotonin as it enters your body. So, if you want to improve the mood, eat a banana.

Constipation – the banana regulates the bowel movements, so you can relieve the constipation naturally.

Nerves and PMS – the bananas contain a great amount of vitamin B, so it can make you feel relaxed and it can soothe the nervous system.