Florida Experts Discovered That Papaya Leaf Is Anti-Cancer Agent!

florida-study-discovers-anticancer-properties-in-papaya-leafThe papaya fruit is amazing and used in alternative medicine more and more for one reason…

It can fight cancer!

Of course this is not a definite cure, but the leaf of papaya can slow down cancer growth. Experts of the Florida University have stated that papaya leaf on lab induced tumors slowed down the progress of the tumor with no side effects of chemo.

10 types cancers like cervix, lung, breast, liver and pancreas all got the papaya treatment. In every case there was good result and the more dosage of this, the more positive outcomes were detected.

This is really good news since millions suffer from cancer and that number increases all the time. Piles of money are thrown for studies of cancer and still there is no exact cure.

Maybe nature is the cure for this. Maybe the papaya has it all. We might have some progress…

The extract of papaya leaf and link to the TH-1 cytokines

These cytokines are messengers for the hormones and bio-processes to immunity. The leaf makes more molecules that make the immunity stronger and healthier.

More benefits of the extract of papaya leaf

  • More vital body and energy
  • Better cardio health and gastro health
  • Prevention to cancer
  • Less inflammation
  • Less constipation/nausea
  • Less blood sugar
  • More blood platelets in case of dengue fever
Papaya leaf and dengue link

The dengue fever is a breakbone fever from mosquito transferring tropical diseases from the dengue virus. Signs are headaches, ski rash, muscle ache, joint pain and more.

The leaf extract has 2 crucial items named papain and chymopapain and these improve the blood analyses. It is known as best cure for this fever.

Extract for juices

You can find this leaf as supplement but also as extract for juices. Remember, it is bitter, but in juices you won’t notice it.

Also, talk with the doctor first before trying this treatment.

Source: juicing-for-health.com