The Following Are The 51 Reasons For The Usage Of Coconut Oil!

Coconut oil it is very effective and it produces amazing benefits, plus it may be used for a bunch of different things and conditions: So, the following are the 51 ways of how you may use the coconut oil:

1. Cooking: This is already clear, everyone uses the coconut when cooking, because it is known that the coconut oil when it is placed on the oven remains the same.

2. Butter substitute: When you don’t have butter at home, you may use the oil of coconut when you prepare brownies, pie crust, curries or sauces.

3. Chocolate Treats: When you prepare some chocolate treats you can use coconut oil and add it inside the cacao powder and honey in order to prepare a chocolate sauce for your delicious treats.

4. Absorbs Nutrients Better: You may use this oil within your food, for examples in steamed vegetables and also smoothies, in that case the minerals and vitamins will absorb with more effects.

5. Vegan pie ingredient: When you prepare some vegan raw pies you can put some of the oil if you want to have amazing texture and to make the taste even better. Plus, you may use it when you prepare paleo treats.

6. Feel fuller: When you know that you are going to consume a bunch of food, then just take one tablespoon from this oil and in that way you will suppress your desire for food.

7. Energy booster: The oil is consisted of MCT or also known as medium chain triglycerides, that is why the oil will produce a lot more energy to you, even more than coffee.

8. Increased metabolism: The oil of coconut is very helpful for losing weight and the reason for that is because the oil makes better the metabolism.

9. Improves the digestion: The oil is something like a lubricant and because of that it gives chances to the food to go through in a much easier way.

10. Ulcer Treatment: When people have problems with ulcers, the oil will build the walls of the gut once more, plus it will produce a certain sticky effects which will allow for the food to go through in a much easier way.

11. Balanced blood levels: The oil is capable of making better your glucose tolerance levels and on the other hand it is able to lower your cholesterol levels.

12. Balanced hormones: If you consume this coconut oil every day, then your adrenal glands and thyroid will have a great nourishment.

13. Healthier Brain: The oil of coconut ia able to help you forbid the appearance of Alzheimer disease.

14. Healthier Immune System: The coconut oil has fat which has lauric acid, that after is transformed into a monolaurein which represents a monogyleciride, that has the ability of destroying viruses surrounded with lipid, bacteria and protozoa.

15. Candida Overgrowth Treatment: The lauric acid from the coconut oil destroys these parasite and yeast.

16. Ear Ache Reliever: When you have problems with the ears such as some infections, then simmer coconut oil and take one clove of garlic and then put it inside the ear.

17. Parasite Fighter: Coconut oil has the ability of destroying fungi, bacteria and parasites which makes the body a healthy place where these creatures do not wish to inhabit there.

18. Lice killer: Coconut oil mixed with anise seeds extract is excellent for the elimination of lice.

19. Cold Sores Treatment: The oil is amazing when you want to lower the pain or to heal the cold sores in a quick way.

20. Sore Throat treatment: A mix of hot juice made of lemon with one tablespoon of oil is perfect for reducing the pain and irritation of the throat.

21. Fever doctor: The coconut oil is also said to be filled with characteristics which may lower the fever.

22. Burn healer: The oil made of coconut is able to cure the burns faster and to reduce the pain immediately.

23. UV Blocker: When you go out put some of the coconut oil, because it is capable of lowering the UV sun rays approximately to 30 %.

24. Sunburn Relive: The oil is known as a cooling oil, so if you have sun burns use the oil it will reduce your pain.

25. Anti-Inflammatory Ingredient: Some studies pointed out that the oil has analgesic activity and that is why it may reduce the inflammation.

26. Swollen prostate Care: The oil has the ability of lowering the risk of having prostate cancer, plus it increases the testosterone.

27. Hemorrhoids Reliver: The oil is able to reduce the inflammation of hemorrhoids and to lower the pain as well.

28. Mosquito Bite Soother: The coconut oil reduces the itchy feeling and inflammation made from mosquitos.

29. Flea Killer: You can eliminate fleas on your dogs if you use the oil.

30. Baby wipes: You may take one fabric or paper towel which can be used more than once and put it inside of a pot of hot water with coconut oil and then use it to clean the bottom of the baby.

31. Diaper Rash Medicine: Lower the pain and make it more comfortable the diaper for the baby with the usage of coconut oil.

32. Moisturizer: you may put it all over your body and use it as a moisturizer.

33. Acne treatment: Drink coconut oil and put it over your face it useful in the process of elimination of acne.

34. Makeup Remover: The oil is able to take off mascara and to make your face clean and moisturized.

35. Lip Balm: You may prepare your own lip balm by melting ½ tablespoon together with 1 tablespoon of beeswax, plus adding an essential oil of your choice.

36. Eyelash Treatment: This oil is able to stop the loss of hair and the process of breaking the eyelashes.

37. Hair Conditioner: Use the oil to cover the hair one night before you wash the hair.

38. Soap: With the coconut oil you may produce your personal soap by putting the oil on a slow cooker.

39. Dandruff Remover: A combination of rosemary oil and coconut oil will produce the elimination of dandruff.

40. Shaving Cream: If you don’t want having scratches from the razor then put some coconut oil before you shave you face.

41. Aftershave: Also, after you are done shaving you may apply the oil because it will reduce the swelling and inflammation.

42. Lubricant: Instead of using lubricants made of petroleum, just use some of the coconut oil, it is more amazing than the other products.

43. Body Scrub: The combination of sugar and oil of coconut is great as a body scrub.

44. Stretch Mark Remover: When you are finished showering, apply some of the oil in order to heal the scars and stretch marks.

45. Varicose Vein Treatment: In order to treat the varicose veins, apply some of the oil regularly on the veins and massage them.

46. Warts Remover: Cover the warts with oil and put over them a bandage.

47. Cuticle Softener: Put some of the oil if you have dry cuticles.

48. Leather Polish: Put of the oil over you shoes to make them more shiny.

49. Furniture Polish: A not such expensive polish opposite to the wood polish, this polish made of oil is far better in making your furniture made of wood a lot more shinier.

50. Start a fire: If you want to light a fire during your camping journey you don’t have to take with you a jog of gasoline, it is enough to use just the oil.

51. Massage oil: It doesn’t matter whether you are pregnant or your wish is just to have some simple massage therapy you should always use the coconut oil for massages.

So, the oil made of coconut it has its usage in medicine, not only in cooking or used as an ingredient. Plus, it is also used for eliminating issues with the skin and it is involved in almost every beauty regime.