The Following Is The Coffee Which Causes Liver And Kidney Tumors. Are You One Of The People Who Consume It?

coffee-386878_640Most of the people and I suppose including you consider the decaffeinated coffee to be a lot better for you? Well, that is not right. A lot of people whose favorite beverage is coffee and drink decaf coffee probably have no idea about the dangers of the poisonous chemicals that are being used for the extraction of caffeine.

Maybe one of the most famous chemical processes which are being used to make the coffee decaf is the direct extraction. The process happens when it is being used direct soak of green beans added into a solution of water as well as chemical solvent, ethyl acetate or methylene chloride. When the solvent does its reaction, after that the beans are being washed and cleaned with water.

In the chemical process the beans of the coffee then are being worked with ethyl acetate or methylene chloride.

The following is the definition of methylene chloride taken from

Methylene chloride or also is known under the name of dichloromethane, represents volatile liquid, without color all together with chloroform- similar to the odor. Methylene chloride is being used for a bunch of different industrial processes in a lot of various industries such as:

– stripping of the paint, pharmaceutical manufacturing, paint remover manufacturing, cleaning of the metal and degreasing, adhesives manufacturing and usage, polyurethane foam production, film base manufacturing, polycarbonate resin production, and solvent distribution and formulation.

This process is being performed for a couple of times until the appropriate amount of caffeine is being extracted from the beans. The moment methylene chloride gets inside your body it is being transformed into carbon monoxide that intermingles with the delivery of the oxygen. All of this may bring a bunch of various, serious lung illnesses as well as some other issues.

The ethyl acetate which is being applied to the beans during the process of extracting the decafeine, usually represents a synthetic version that is regarded to be toxic in amounts of 5620 mg/kg in moments when it is given to mice and has the ability of provoking gastrointestinal irritation when it is ingested, a situation which can make more difficult and worse the liver and kidney illnesses.

But, if your decision continues to be to drink decaf coffee, the right thing you should do is to make the coffee organic. This type of organic decaf coffee is being prepared with the usage of the Swiss Water Method.

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This process is a lot better and very safe for people, also this process of extracting the decafeine is free of chemicals. During this Swiss Water Method the beans which are being used are being soaked into extremely hot water, after that the caffeine, plus the flavors and the rest of the ingredients are being taken out in a solution via natural way. Then, the caffeine is filtered and then what is left of the filtrate is being introduced once again and then when that happens, this is dried inside the coffee bean.